Summaries of development applications before the Planning Board

3787 Crompond Road (Route 202): Restaurant

Adrian Auto Body, Old Crompond Road

Arrowhead Subdivision (Underhill Ave.)

Augie’s Prime Cut

Canine Kindergarten (Route 202): See Grotto Holding 

Chase Bank, Commerce Street

Clean Energy Collective (Solar farms on Foothill St and Underhill Ave.)

Colangelo Subdivision (Jacob Road)

Contractors Register

Correia (East Main Street, Jefferson Valley)


Cranberry Hill

Creative Living/Navajo Fields

Crompond Crossing

Crompond Terraces (Old Crompond Road)

Croton Overlook

CVS  (Route 202)

Depot Square. (See Highway garage/Front Street/Depot Square below)

Dornach subdivision, Turus Lane (see Kelderhouse)

Dubovsky (Saw Mill River Road)

East Coast Auto Sales & Storage, Front Street

Emerald Hills Subdivision (Kitchawan Road)

Envirogreen (East main Street, Mohegan Lake)

Faith Bible Church

Featherbed subdivision, Jabob Road (See Colangelo)

Field Home

Fieldstone Manor (fka Mohegan Mansion)

Front Street (Roberta parcels)

Getty Service Station, Barger Street

Gione (Loder Road)

2040 Greenwood Street

Grotto Holding (former Salerno Dodge, Route 202)

Hanover Corner

Hearthstone subdivision

Hilltop Subdivsion (Hilltop Road)

Highway garage/Front Street (Depot Square)

Hudson Valley Islamic Center

Ianuzzi Subdivision (Baptist Church Road)


JCPC Holdings (Front Street)

Jefferson Valley Mall

Kelderhouse-Dornach subdivision, Turus Lane

Kia Dealership, Route 202

Kiederer Subdivision  (Granite Springs Road)

Lake Osceola Square (East Main Street)

Lowe's Home Center, Crompond Road

Mandalay (Old Crompond Road)

Marathon Development (Kear Street)

Mohegan Audi addition

Mohegan Lake Motors Volkswagen

Murphy's Restaurant (See Unicorn Contracting)

Navajo Fields (see Creative Living)

Nantucket Sound, Kear Street & Route 118

Orchard View Subdivision, Sherry Drive

Oseola Realty

Peg Realty (Hill Blvd.)

Perez Subdivision, Gomer Street

Pervisi parcel (farm use), Route 132

Pied Piper Preschool, Crompond Road

Piturro Subdivision (Hemlock & Radcliffe)

RCB Development

RGP, Lexington Avenue

Roma Buidling rezoning

Route 6 Office Development

Sanctuary Golf  Course

Sandvoss Suybdivision (Hanover St.)

Savannah's Restaurant (Route 202)

Senior Living (East Main Street, Mohegan Lake)

Shrub Oak Commons (fka Adler Subdivisioni)

Shrub Oak Internationial School, Stoney Street (formerly Phoenix House)

Sierra Bella (Hunterbrook Road)

Solar farms (see Clean Energy Collective above)

Spark Steakhouse, Old Crompond Road

Special Use Permits

Staples Plaza

State Land (Route 202)

Stony Street Subdivision

Taconic Vet Clinic & Canine Kindergarten

Tea Temptations (Mohegan Village Square, Route 6)

Tonndorf Hot Dog Concession Trailer

Trail Side Cafe (Hoffman Construction & Real Estate)

Triglia & Rezi (Christine Road)

Trump Park

Turco's Shopping Center

Unicorn Contracting (Murphy's Restaurant)

Village Traditions

The Weyant (Crompond Road)


Yeshiva Kehilath Yakov (Illington Road)

Yorktown Auto Body

Yorktown Smart Growth

Zat Construction, Route 6