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Stony Street Subdivision

SBL: 16.17-2-77
Location: 3319 Stony Street
Contact: Ciarcia Engineering, P.C.
Description: Proposal for a 12 lot major subdivision on 8.05 acres in the R1-20 zone.

Planning Board, 2-11-2015

Mr. Ciarca presented a pre-preliminary plan for a 13 lot subdivision.  The board had some issues with two lots planned closest to Stony street; the backs of the houses would face Stony and because of the grade and would have a negative visual impact on the street.  Mr. Tegedger asked Mr. Ciarcia to look at different layouts. As with an earlier plan, access would be from High Point Dr and Shelley St.

Planning Board, 4-8-2013

The Board reviewed a pre-preliminary plan to build 12 single family homes on an 8.05 acre site in a half acre zone. The parcel is between Judy and Sunny Ridge Roads.  Access to the lots would be by “opening up” three currently dead end streets:  High Point, Shelly and Sunny Court.  The site includes a paper road  (Scofield Rd) coming off Stony St, but Dan Ciarcia, the applicant’s engineer, did not want to use the road due to questions about its ownership as well as a steep slope over a portion of the road.  Mr. Tegeder noted that there was a long range plan to have Scofield Rd as an east-west link between Shrub Oak and Mohegan, although a portion of the proposed road bisected a wetlands.  He also noted that the paper road could be a possible bike path.


The Board asked Mr. Ciarcia to look at alternate layouts and the elimination a possible 800 foot shared driveway as the only access to several lots.