Citizens for an Informed Yorktown


Kia Dealership
Location: 3805 Crompond Road
Contact: Michael Norton, Esq.
Description: Operation of a new car dealership on accordance with Section 300-71.

Town Board, 7-26-2016

The applicant is seeking permission to place three temporary trailers on the site so that the dealership can open for business while the existing building is renovated and the Planning Board reviews the application for an amended site plan.


The board had no objection to the request and the town attorney will prepare a resolution for the next board meeting.  After a brief discussion, it was decided that a public hearing on the request was not required.  The applicant said he anticipates that could take 8-11 months to get Planning Board approval.

Planning Board, 6-13-2016

The applicant is seeking a special use permit for a new car dealership.  The parcel  is across from the New City Diner at Route 202 and Garden Lane.


The applicant explained that the current plan will modernize the building and have new lighting but otherwise there will be very few modifications to the previously approved plan. Mr. Tegeder displayed the previously approved site plan so that the board could compare the two plans; he noted some changes.


Part of the discussion focused on the lower half of Garden Lane that is jointly owned by Kia and the New City Diner, each owning a portion to the center line of Garden Road.  (The town owns the upper portion of the road.) 

The applicant appeared willing to consider revising the plan to allow ingress/egress to Garden Lane and also to talking to the new owner of the diner (currently undergoing renovation) regarding improving the road which would be the first step toward the town’s taking over the road.  Mr. Tegeder also asked the applicant to consider the future use of the rear of the parcel and how it fits in to the concept in the Sustainable Development Study for a parallel road north of Route 202 that would connect to Garden Lane.