Adrian Auto Body
3330 Old Crompond Road
SBL: 26.18-1-24
Amended site plan

(Note: See Planning Board, 6/10/2013 for a discussion on the original site plan.)

Planning Board, 11-19-2018

Mr. Ciarcia advised the board that he had received written approval from the DEP. Acting on Mr. Tegder’s suggestion, the board approved the amended site plan with the conditions that the applicant provide a signed DEP approved stormwater plan and a completed SWPPP and that no work be commenced until the conditions were fulfilled,.

Planning Board, 11-5-2018

Dan Ciarcia, the applicant’s engineer, advised the board that the application has gotten verbal approval from the DEP and that a revised plan was ready for an approving resolution. Mr.Tegeder advised the board that before the board took any action, he needed to see the DEP approval in writing and also the revised plan.

Planning Board 10-1-2018

In an item not on the agenda, Dan Ciarcia advised the board the applicant is close to getting DEP sign off for a 900 square foot painting shop addition and may be returning to the board. Mr. Tegeder advised the board that he hadn’t seen any correspondence yet from the DEP.

Planning Board, 5-7-2018

The applicant has submitted a revised site plan that reduces a planned expansion to about 750 sf from the original 4,000 sf plan. The addition, which the applicant described more like a shed that an actual structure,  will house a paint spraying operation and will have electricity but no heat or insulation. Although the new plan involves less disturbance and stormwater generation, the applicant will still have to go back to the DEP to approve the new plan. The board’s attorney did not think that a new public hearing was needed; just a board resolution approving an amended  site plan. 

Planning Board, 4-9-2018

The board approved the first 1-year extension

Planning Board, 3-13-2017

The applicant is still waiting for written approval from the DEP and a report from the town engineer that all issues have been addressed. Most of the discussion centered on the stormwater plan;  rainwater leaving the roof will be stored in four underground tanks and used to pre-wash cars.  Excess water will drain into the town’s existing stormwater drains. The hearing was closed but on the advice of Mr. Tegeder, the board will hold off with an approving resolution pending written notification from the DEP that it approves the stormwater plan. Mr. Tegeder noted that in the past, the DEP did not always accept the stormwater plan that had been approved by the town. When this happened and the DEP required the applicant to modify the plan, the applicant then had to go back to the Planning Board for an amended site plan approval.

Planning Board, 2-27-2017

The applicant advised the board that he has been able to resolve remaining issues with the Planning Department and the town engineer, although Mr. Tegeder said there were still some minor issues that needed to be finalized. The SWPPP has been submitted and the applicant said he expects the DEP to approve the plan in March.  Left undecided was whether a retaining wall was needed where work had already been done and in order to prevent damage to the abutting property.  The existing dumpster is not covered but as the proposed new dumpster law has not yet been enacted by the Town Board, this may not be needed.


A public hearing will be held March 13th.

Planning  Board, 12-19-2016

Advising the board that he had been held up for nine months by the DEP, the applicant said he was ready to proceed with his plan and wanted a public hearing scheduled. However, both Mr. Quinn, who was not familiar with the earlier plan, and Mr. Tegeder said that more information was needed. Calling attention to the plan’s proposed office space, Mr. Tegeder wanted more information about parking; the applicant said the parking was part of the auto body business and not for a separate business.


Mr. Flynn questioned whether the item #4 used in the parking area would be considered pervious surface for stormwater calculations.


The board advised the applicant to meet with staff and iron out the remaining issues prior to scheduling a public hearing.

Planning Board, 12-21-2015

The applicant showed the board a plan for a 3,100 SF addition to the existing building that is smaller than one previously approved by the board. (Note: the square footage of the earlier plan was not stated.) Mr. Tegeder will provide the board with a comparison of the original versus the new plan and also get feedback from the town engineer on the revised plan. After some discussion, it was determined that since the original site plan was never actually signed, it wasn’t clear, from a procedural perspective, whether the new submission was for an amended site plan or a new submission.