Correia Site Plan

SBL: 6.17-2-65
Location: 250 East Main Street
Contact: Site Design Consultants
Description: Proposed storage facility on 8.22 acres in the Country Commercial zone consisting of two 1 ˝ story buildings with 6,000 sf each.

Planning Board 5-4-2020

The board reconvened the hearing. There were no additional comments. The hearing was closed

Planning Board, 4-27-2020

The applicant reviewed the plan.   One of the two proposed buildings will be used by a contractor to store equipment and vehicles.  The board appeared satisfied with a rendering of what the building might look like.  Susan Siegel, the person writing this summary, asked about the status of the tree permit, including the number of trees to be removed and whether there would be any disturbance to the protected woodland. In response, Mr. Riina said that the tree survey had not yet been done but that when it is available, the information will be sent to the Tree Conservation Advisory Commission.  In response to Jay Kopstein’s question whether fire sprinklers would be needed, Mr. Riina said he didn’t think so but would check, adding it might depend on what is stored in the buildings.


The hearing was left open as the required notices were sent out late.

Planning Board 2-10-2020

 Mr. Riina submitted a revised plan that shifted the location and orientation of the building. The board was supportive of the proposed new location which it felt worked better than the earlier plans.  A public informational hearing will be scheduled for March.  The new building will be used only for storage and will be an accessory structure to the existing main use.

Planning Board 11/4/2019

Mr. Riina returned with a revised site plan that showed a different location for the proposed buildings. The board had some issues with the new location, including the proximity to some nearby houses, and suggested some changes.  Mr. Riina will take the feedback back to his client.  The proposed buildings would be for the use of the current occupant of the site.

Plannnig Board, 9-17-2018

The pre preliminary application calls for the construction of two 1˝ story storage buildings on the 8.22 acre site currently zoned county commercial.  The site is at intersection of East Main Street and Route 6nN and houses a gas station. The new buildings would be used by a manufacturing facility currently on the premises. As Mr. Riina, the applicant’s engineer, did not know exactly what was manufactured in the building, the board remained concern as to whether the current use was allowed in the current zone and asked for more information.  The new buildings would be “tucked” into the existing hill and conform to zoning requirements.