1961 Commerce Street
SBL: 37.14-2-63
Discussion – Preliminary Application

Location: 1961 Commerce Street
Contact: Axis Architectural Group
Description: Proposed façade improvements to the existing building on the site. There are no proposed changes to the building footprint.

Planning Board, 6-24-2019

An architect showed the board a rendering of plans to completely redo the outside “skin” of the building and add parapets to hide the roof top HVAC equipment. The owner does not have any commitments from prospective tenancies.  Mr. Tegeder advised the applicant that there were some drainage and streetscape issues that had to be looked at.  Mr. Kincart asked the architect to explore with the owner the possibility of adding a second story that could be used for affordable market rate apartments. The architect liked the idea and said he would bring it before the owner.