1961 Commerce Street
SBL: 37.14-2-63
Location: 1961 Commerce Street
Contact: Axis Architectural Group
Description: Proposed façade improvements to the existing building on the site. There are no proposed changes to the building footprint.

Planning Board 6-8-2020

The board went into special session to go over a few revisions to the plan including the addition of a landscaped area at the corner of Veterans Rd and Commerce Street, the addition of two planters on Veterans Road, and sidewalk improvements on Veterans Road and leading to the front and rear entrances to the building.  As a condition of approval, the applicant will be asked to leave a “well” in the Veterans Rd sidewalk in the event trees are planted at a future date.   


The board approved a neg dec, stormwater permit and amended site plan with the understanding that the Planning Department can work out final details with the applicant.

Planning Board 4-20-2020

The applicant explained the plan.  The drainage improvements for the front of the building have been worked out but more discussions are needed about the sidewalk improvements along Veterans Road. Mr. Tegeder asked the applicant to consider planting some shrubs instead of lawn in front of the building.   A showroom for kitchens will occupy the space fronting on Commerce Street; a tenant for the remaining space was not identified.


There were no public comments. The hearing was closed with a 10 day period for written comments.  In the interim, the Planning Department will work on the approval resolution and the SEQRA neg dec.

Planning Board, 3/9/2020

The applicant provided updated information regarding drainage improvements to resolve problems both in front of the building and along Veterans Road. The latter improvements will include some landscaping abutting the curb. Although the applicant did not identify the names of prospective tenants, he did indicate that one tenant would have a showroom and other would be an office use.  While the applicant said that the proposed uses did not require a dumpster to handle the limited amount of refuse likely to be generated, the board suggested that the site plan show the location for one in the event that a future tenant with a different might require one.  A public hearing will be held in April.


Planning Board, 10/7/2019

The applicant’s engineer addressed the drainage issues highlighted at the previous meeting and explained how the problems on both Commerce St an Veterans Road would be remediated. While the latter involves reconstructing the pitch of a portion of the sidewalk, the board asked the applicant to consider replacing the entire sidewalk. In general the board was pleased with the plan to improve the outside skin of the building which will also include changes to the roof line.


The application needs to submit a formal application along with the supporting documents.

Planning Board, 6-24-2019

An architect showed the board a rendering of plans to completely redo the outside “skin” of the building and add parapets to hide the roof top HVAC equipment. The owner does not have any commitments from prospective tenancies.  Mr. Tegeder advised the applicant that there were some drainage and streetscape issues that had to be looked at.  Mr. Kincart asked the architect to explore with the owner the possibility of adding a second story that could be used for affordable market rate apartments. The architect liked the idea and said he would bring it before the owner.