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Mohegan Lake Motors Volkswagen
SBL: 15.12-1-3
Location: 1744 East Main Street
Contact: Barry Rost
Description: Proposed 6,828 SF showroom for Mohegan Lake Motors Volkswagen dealership.

Planning Board, 8-12-2013

The Board heard the applicant’s request that instead of constructing an enclosure for a refuse dumpster at the rear of the site, the applicant be allowed to dispose of the site’s trash in garbage cans placed at the curb. On behalf of the applicant, Mr. Riina explained that given the limited use of the site as a showroom, the site wouldn’t generate sufficient trash to warrant the dumpster. The Board will approve a resolution amending the site plan at a future meeting.

Planning Board, 4/9/2012

The board unanimously voted to declare itself lead agency for SEQRA and issued a negative declaration. It then proceeded to approve the site plan, tree, wetlands and stormwater permits. The applicant had previously been granted a side yard variance from the ZBA in order to establish a buffer area on the west side of the site.

Planning Board, 3/26/2012

The board reviewed a draft of the decision statement. Two changes that will be included in a final version to be voted on at the next meeting include a prohibition on washing or repairing cars on the site and prohibiting the bulk delivery of cars, i.e., no car carriers. New cars will be “driven” to the site from a separate storage area.

Planning Board, 3/12/2012

A public hearing was held on the application for a special permit to build a new 6,828 SF Volkswagen showroom. The plan includes 39 parking spaces: 10 for customers, 6 for employees and 23 for new car storage. Deliveries to the site will only be small trucks, e.g., Fed Ex type box trucks.


Joe Riina of Site Design Consultants explained that whereas there are no stormwater controls currently on the site, the new plan calls for a reduction of asphalt coverage and two new parking areas with porous pavement that will allow for infiltration. Steve Marino of Tim Miller Associates explained how the applicant will clean up the debris filled wetland in the rear of the property which is the outlet for Mohegan Lake and enhance the existing wetland area by doing some excavation work to increase the depressed area, removing the invasive species and adding new plantings. The applicant has already received the required DEC permit but is still waiting for DEC to sign a map.Mr. Riina is still working with the Building Inspector regarding the required flood plain permit.


Although the applicant received a variance from the ZBA regarding the required 15 feet side yard buffer and Mr. Riina noted that there is no vegetative buffer currently between the site and the adjoining property, the property owner will provide some screening to create a buffer.


Phil Grealy of John Collins Engineers explained that the applicant will reconstruct the existing sidewalk and rebuild the existing shoulder along Route 6 which will have the effect of creating a third lane for the length of his property.


Al Capellini, attorney for the project, explained that in response to public concerns raised at an earlier meeting, the property owner has arranged for most new cars to be delivered and stored at an off site location in Jefferson Valley and that the cars will be driven to the new site as needed. The property owner has also widened the gate to his property on Lakeland Ave to reduce the need to park along Route 6 and he continues to have a good relationship with St. Mary’s Church across the street. The property owner has also arranged for a delivery schedule which should eliminate late night deliveries which were a concern to area residents.


The front façade of the building will be glass and aluminum panels.


There was no public comments. The hearing was closed but the comment period left open until the next board meeting.

Planning  Board, 2/13/2012

The applicant has applied to the Zoning Board for a special use permit and needs a variance for a 15 ft buffer with an adjacent property.The Planning Board approves the variance.A public hearing will be held in March.

Planning Board, 1/9/2012

Representing the applicant, Joe Riina of Site Design Consultants advised the board that the applicant has addressed most of the comments made by the town’s staff, environmental consultant and advisory boards at the prior Public Informational Hearing. He characterized the comments as nothing onerous.”

Traffic issues: In response to the town engineer’s comments about internal truck traffic, he explained that the only trucks to use the site will be delivery vehicles like Fed  Ex and UPS and that the current plan meets DOT standards for those size trucks. However, if more space was required, he indicated that there could possibly be some shifting of the some porous pavement at the left side of the site. The two overhead doors shown on the plan will not be used for vehicle access but are shown on the plan because they are required by Volkswagen. 

The applicant has submitted a traffic study but it has not been reviewed yet by staff. 

Calling the proposed plan a “great plan,” Mr. Mallon (sp?) the owner of the nearby Village Traditions store asked the board where the cars would be serviced. In response, Mr. Kincart explained that all service work would be done in the existing Audi building.  Mr.Mallon then went on to express his concern, which he said was shared by other area residents, about traffic problems created by the existing Audi building, specifically trucks unloading from Route 6 and also using his driveway. He said the police had to be called to the site 20 or so times and that he had pictures of the illegal use of his property.

Flood plain issues: Mr. Riina advised the board that he met with the Building Inspector regarding the application for a flood plain permit and that everything was in order.  Mr. Tegeder noted that the DEC was concerned about the retaining wall in the floodway and Mr. Riina said that this issue was being addressed.

SWPP (Stormwater Prevention Plan): Mr. Riina explained that the town engineer will review the SWPP once the site plan has been approved. The applicant is also waiting for comments from the DEC on the wetlands application before making revisions to the plan.

Environmental issues: Bruce Barber, the town’s environmental consultant, has requested more information about the vegetative plan, including plans for dealing with invasive species, and a plan to deal with fluids leaking from the trash enclosure. Patrick Francois, the Conservation Board’s liaison to the Planning Board, wanted more details about the maintenance plan for the porous pavement.

Fire truck access: Mr. Riina advised the board the that fire inspector had said that the site did not need fire truck access to the rear as fires would be fought from the front of the sprinkled building. Mr. Tegeder asked that he get those comments in writing.

Lighting: Mr. Riina advised the board that some changes have been made in the lighting plan based on ABACA’s comments.

Al Capellini, attorney for the applicant, alerted the board to the fact that a buffer variance might be needed from the ZBA to address some screening issues with the abutting property to the east.

The board will conduct a site visit and anticipates that a public hearing on the application will be scheduled for March 11th.