Getty Service Station

3700 Barger Street, Shrub Oak

Town Board, 1-3-2017

The applicant walked the board through the changes that had been made to the plan to reflect the board’s earlier requests.  The monument sign with the Welcome to Yorktown and two LED price sections was moved, additional landscaping was added along Barger Street, and a 4’ vinyl fence will be installed on the southern boundary of the property.  The permit will specify that no used cars will be sold on the site. (The applicant, Global Mintello Group, owns the site and leases it to a tenant. The lease prohibits the sale of use cars.)


With staff satisfied with the plan changes and no comments from the public, the board closed the hearing, and voted to authorize the supervisor to sign the site plans.


If, in the future, Global wishes to expand or replace the existing building, the company will apply for an amended site plan.

Town Board, 12-20-2016

Most of the discussion focused on relocating the “Welcome to Yorktown” sign, that, like the proposed sign at the Mohegan Auto & Tire station at the other end of East Main Street, will include gas prices on top of the “Welcome” message.  The board also asked the applicant to show more landscaping, and install a green vinyl fence instead of a chain link fence to delineate the separation from the adjoining parcel. 


If these details, plus some stormwater issues of concern to the town engineer can be worked out in time, the board anticipates voting vote on an approving resolution at its January 3rd meeting.    The hearing was adjourned.

Town Board, 12-6-2016

The board reviewed the amended site plan.  In lieu of the two existing trailers that will be removed, the applicant may consider adding on to the existing building which would serve as a waiting room while cars are being repaired. If the applicant proceeds with that plan, it would be in a subsequent application so as not to hold up the other improvements and needed upgrades to the storage tanks.  The board wants to see more information about the LED lighting on the canopy, although the applicant’s representative said that the lighting isn’t essential.   The plan does not include any sale of used cars.


If the applicant can comply with the public notice requirements by the next day, a public hearing will be scheduled for December 20th. If the applicant doesn’t have all the required changes to the site plan made by then, the hearing will be adjourned to January 3rd. 

Planning Board, 12-5-2016

On a referral from the Town Board, the board reviewed a site plan showing changes to the site that included a general clean-up of the site and the removal of one or more trailers. The board and Mr. Barber were generally enthusiastic about the plan and suggested some additional landscaping and site modification. The applicant will need a wetlands permit but has not yet applied for one.


Town Board, 9-27-2016 

The owner wants to replace the existing underground gasoline tanks, install other updated equipment and install new signage. While initially, the item was listed on the agenda for a wetlands permit, both the town attorney and town engineer said that although the gas station use is a non-conforming use, given the extent of the proposed changes, a special permit for gas station use will be required.


Both Supervisor Grace and Councilman Bernard spoke about the “mess” on the site, including the abutting state right of way.  Citing the meeting’s earlier discussion about Hilltop Service Station, the board wanted to use this opportunity to clean up the site which was one of the “bookends’ for the Shrub Oak hamlet.  While the applicant’s representative, Andrew Stuart of High Point Engineering, wanted  permission to go ahead with the tank replacement while other site issues were being worked on, the Town Board did not want to lose what it saw an opportunity to make the desired changes.


Mr. Stuart explained that while the site is owned by Getty, it is leased to another company and that different operators work out of different structures on the site, e.g., the repair operation is separate from the gasoline dispensing operation.


Supervisor Grace will make a site visit.