Citizens for an Informed Yorktown


Yorktown Auto Body
SBL: 37.19-1-79,81,87
Location: 1798 Front Street
Contact: Site Design Consultants

Planning Board, 4-20-2015

The board approved a one year extension of the approved site plan, approved on April 7, 2014, although as of today, the DEP had granted approval. The site plan will now be officially signed.

Planning Board, 4-7-2014

With no unresolved issues or questions, and no comments from the public, the board approved the amended site plan.

Planning Board, 3-24-2014

The board anticipates voting on an approval resolution at the next meeting.  DEP approval is still pending. Mr. Riina explained that as part of the site’s stormwater plan, the applicant will use one of the green infrastructure measures approved by the DEC:  runoff from the roof will be collected in barrels and used for washing cars.  The runoff from the washing will go through an oil filtering system before being discharged into the stormwater system.

Planning Board, 3-10-2014

Mr. Riina explained the provisions of the revised site plan that would “square off” the existing building by adding 1,700 sq. ft., adding that he planned to submit a revised stormwater plan to DEP next week.   (There was no explanation of how the current plan differed from the earlier one.)


In response to a question from the brother of an adjoining property owner whether the addition would encroach into residentially zoned property, it was explained that the zoning for the parcel to the rear of the building that had been purchased by the applicant was split between residential and commercial zones and that the building addition and retaining wall would only be constructed in the commercially zoned portion.


The public hearing was closed and the record left open for written comments. The board will vote on a resolution once the DEP completes its review.

Planning Board, 10-7-2013

Chairman Fon noted that the application has been withdrawn and some modifications to the original plan are being made.

Planning Board, 9-23-2013

The Board will advertise for a public hearing on the amended site plan. It has been determined that the applicant will not need a variance.  Mr. Tegeder suggested that at the hearing, the applicant have photos showing the screening and building and wall elevations. The applicant will try to reduce the amount of impervious surface in order to avoid the need to prepare a stormwater plan for DEP approval.

Planning Board, 8-12-2013

The Board opened and closed a Public Informational Hearing. The only speaker was a Peekskill resident who owns property on Summit Street abutting the site. Joe Riina, the applicant’s engineer, assured her that the applicant would work with her to “to make her happy” and would install landscaping around the 9’ retaining wall.

Planning Board, 7-15-2013

The Board reviewed ABACA’s memo and some sight line drawings and will schedule a public hearing on the amended site plan for August. The applicant also needs ZBA approval for a variance for the wall.

Planning Board, 6-20-2013

The Board reviewed plans for an addition to the building and the creation of 12 additional parking spaces.


The applicant had already received approval for a corner addition to the existing building for a “spray shop” but after purchasing the lot to the rear of the site, he now plans to continue the addition back to the rear of the building. (He will begin construction on the approved addition while the Board reviews the new plan.) The amended site plan includes two parallel 9’ retaining walls in the rear of the site which will require a variance from the ZBA. The Board asked that the space between the two walls be landscaped. It was the Board’s hope that with the additional parking, cars now parked on the street would be brought on site.