2040 Greenwood Street

SBL: 37.15-1-38
Location: 2040 Greenwood Street
Contact: Site Design Consultants
Description: Proposed 1 1/2 story commercial building and associated parking on 5.71 acres in the C-4 and R1-40 zones.

Planning Board, 10-16-2017

The applicant, Envirogreen Associates, presented a concept plan for a proposed 1˝ story commercial building with an approximate 6,000 square foot footprint  abutting Hartel Auto Body. Portions of the 5.71 acre parcel are zoned C-4 and R1-40 (one acre).  The site contains wetlands. While the applicant doesn’t have a definitive use in mind, some of the possible uses that would be consistent with the C-4 zoning that were mentioned included a wood working shop, auto body, or contractor’s yard.


Mr. Tegeder noted that the parcel is a transitional site between two distinct zones and that an automotive use might not be the best use; he thought that a less intensive use might be better as the street becomes a wooded residential area.  Mr. Kincart noted that the concept plan sited the building close to the existing commercial use, leaving the wooded part of the site as a buffer to the residential portion of Greenwood Street.