Shrub Oak Commons fka (Adler Subdivision)

SBL: 16.9-2-7
Discussion Subdivision
Location: 1360 New Road
Contact: Site Design Consultants
Description: Proposed subdivision of property into 4 lots for duplex residences and 1 conservation space lot on 5.00 acres in the R1-20 zone.

Planning Board, 4/17/2012 (shoudl be 4/23/2012)

Mr. Fon recused himself from this discussion.

Mr. Riina, project engineer, presented a revised plan which showed preliminary grading and the elevation of the buildings. The 4 buildings are staggered and each has a different front elevation, dictated by the grade of the road. There will be a retaining wall between the wetland buffer and the end building. A conservation easement is shown, but may change when the wetland is remapped. The driveways have been narrowed and the island between them enlarged. The sidewalk will be continued to the entrance of the A&P Shopping Center.

Mr. Flynn suggested a physical barrier between the backyards and the wetlands. He also suggested the dwellings have two bedrooms and a den, rather than three bedrooms. This would appeal to the Town Board because the dwellings would target smaller families with less impact on the school district.

The Planning Board viewed favorably the configuration of the buildings and how they will fit into the hamlet concept. Mr. Flynn suggested the applicant prepare pictures of the buildings’ front elevations to emphasize how attractive they will be.

Planning Board, 4/9/2012

The applicant came before the board with a preliminary plan that would involve rezoning the five acre site across the street from the A&P Shopping center from half acre zoning to two family zoning. Under the current zoning, the site could accommodate three single family homes; under the rezoning, four duplex units could be built. The applicant was seeking a “sense of the board” prior to submitting a formal application for rezoning to the Town Board. The proposed buildings would not encroach on the wetlands or wetlands buffer in the rear of the site.


The consensus of the board was that the preliminary plan was consistent with the Comprehensive Plan’s vision for the Shrub Oak hamlet and that it was consistent with existing neighborhood uses. Mr. Kincart noted that there was not likely to be much of a market for single family homes along heavily traveled East Main Street.


The board expressed some concerns about the placement of two of the four homes as well as the location of the driveways and asked the applicant to come back with more details on proposed grade issues.


Note: Planning Board Chairman Richard Fon recused himself from any discussion of the application as he lives on New Road.