Martino Contracting

Location: 6.17-2-62; 286 East Main Street, Jefferson Valley
Contact: Site Design Consultants
Description: Proposed subdivision for a two-story office/warehouse/garage and apartment building in the Country Commercial zone and one single-family house in the R1-80 zone.

Planning Board, 10-5-2020

The applicant wants to develop additional areas of the site that currently houses his landscaping business. On the front part of the parcel that fronts on East Main Street, he proposes  to construct a 7,500 sf, 2 story building that would  be used for a garage and storage on the first floor and 3 apartments on the second floor; one 1-bedroom and  two 2-bedroom units.  A second 2,500 sf building would be for storage and maintenance equipment.  The septic field would be under the proposed parking lot.


For the rear parcel, zoned R1-80, the applicant is proposing to subdivide the roughly 5 acre parcel for two single family houses coming off Lakeview Road, although he would only develop one lot now; the lot would be/could be subdividied in the future if sewers become available To address the road frontage issue, he presented the board with two possible options.


The board asked to applicant to come back with more details on his plan.