Atlantic Appliance
SBL: 37.15-1-31
Discussion – Site Plan

Location: 2010 Maple Hill Street
Contact: Site Design Consultants
Description: Proposed to construct a 2-story retail/office building on 1.57 acres in the C-2 zone.

Planning Board, 1-13-2020

Mr. Riina advised the board that because the test boreings showed high ground water, he has revised the earlier stormwater plan to include an above surface pocket wetland instead of relying on an underground retention. The change has necessitated some changes to the parking and landscaping layout.  He advised the board that the new pocket wetland would be oversized to address flooding concerns on Greenwood Street. The revised plan calls for cleaning up the existing wetland and adding new plantings.  A public informational hearing will be scheduled.

Planning Board, 12-16-2019

The applicant presented a revised plan that shifted the 1˝ story building, decreased the building footprint but increased the overall square footage to 16,000 sf from an initial 10,000 sf.  He anticipates the DEP will test the ground water level in the next week. Both Mr. Tegeder and Mr. Kincart noted that the site was not as wet as they had previously thought.  A Public Informational Hearing will be held in January.

Planning Board, 10-21-2019

The new owner (as of about two years ago) wants to construct a 2-story building on the vacant parcel between the post office and  the Yorktown Office building. Mr. Riina showed the board a concept plan for the proposed building that would have a 10,500 sf footprint and include a basement used for storage, retail space on the first floor and office space for rent on the second floor.  While the concept plan showed that the site met the parking requirements, Mr. Riina, noting the abundance of parking across the street, asked the board to consider allowing the applicant to “bank” some of the parking spaces and increase the amount of landscaping.  The applicant has flagged the site’s wetlands to the rear and advised the board that he is aware of drainage issues on Greenwood Street that abuts the site.


The board was supportive of the concept plan and advised the applicant to work with the Planning Department on the parking and landscaping issues.