3787 Crompond Road (Brophy Restaurant)
SBL: 35.08-1-17
Location: 3787 Crompond Road (Route 202)
Contact: Stepen Brophy & Site Design Consultants
Description: Proposed to convert existing building into a 1-story restaurant with a patio for outdoor seating and parking to accommodate 21 cars.

Planning Board, 12-19-2016

The applicant informed the board that the DOT wants the second access point to Route 202 closed. This will necessitate a change in the site plan that will have to be worked out with the DOT which controls access points onto Route 202. The applicant anticipates that the area planned for the second access point will now be used for staff parking and for deliveries. 


Acknowledging that it could take the DOT time to address the situation, and not wanting to hold up the applicant, the board went back into Special Session mode, closed the public hearing, and approved the site plan so that the applicant could proceed with the renovations while making a temporary closure of the second access point, pending a final resolution with DOT.

Planning Board, 9-26-2016

Mr. Riina and traffic consultant Philip Grealy made presentations describing the plan and traffic ; there were no changes from the previous plan.  There were no comments from the public, Mr. Flynn brought up two issues raised in an ABACA memo, including that board’s recommendation that both curb cuts be used to access the sandwich shop and the need for steel bollards in the parking area.  On Mr. Grealy’s recommendation that the single access was more appropriate for this type of limited use, the board rejected ABACA’s dual access suggestion.  The board also concluded that if it could be shown that the planned 8’ x 2.5’  landscape planters where substantial enough to stop cars, the bollards would not be necessary.  ABACA had also suggested that the curb cuts be moved, but the board agreed with Mr. Riina who said that the change was not necessary and that doing so would be an unwarranted expense and delay the project because it would require DOT approval.


The hearing was closed and the resolution approving the site plan was unanimously approved.


Carrying out the motif on the building’s new façade, the sandwich shop will be known as the Little Cabin Sandwich Shop.


Planning Board, 9-12-2016

Site engineer Joe Riina presented the requested lighting plan.  The two security lights along Route 202 will be eliminated and six 100 watt residential style fixtures will be placed on the building. An existing security light at the rear of the building will be retained.  Because the new fixtures are residential, not commercial, Mr. Riina  explained that no photometric data was available.


A public hearing will be held on September 26.

Planning Board, 8-8-2016

Joe Riina of Site Design Consultants updated the board. A formal survey of the site has been done.  The ZBA has granted the permit for outdoor storage for the landscaping business in the rear of the site. The traffic study indicated that the additional traffic generation will not have any significant impact on Route 202 and that there will be sufficient gaps in the traffic to allow left turns. The sandwich shop, open for breakfast and lunch, anticipates that most of its business will be during the lunch hour and therefore will not impact rush hour traffic.


The second (eastern most) driveway will be limited to delivery vehicles.


The applicant was asked to speak to the property owner about making some lighting changes on the site, possibly adding lighting on the building and changing the lighting fixtures, possibly to LED fixtures, on the existing poles.


The applicant will return to the September 12 work session to review the lighting and a public hearing will likely be scheduled for September 26.

Planning Board, 6-13-2016

Mr. Riina advised the board that based on new information, the site consists of two separate parcels; the front one facing Route 202 that contains the building for the proposed restaurant, and the rear parcel that houses the landscape business (Countryside Properties. See below) and a residential dwelling.  He also advised the board that a traffic consultant has been hired and that a report should be ready by the time of the public hearing. He said the applicant was open to discussing the ingress/egress issue and whether the second access to Route 202 should be closed off or altered.


Mr. Brophy described his plans as more of a “take out” restaurant with counter service and seating for 15 inside and 35 outside depending on the season.


There were no public comments. The hearing was closed.


In a separate item on the work session portion of the agenda, the ZBA referral for Countryside Properties,  the landscape business, the board referenced a memo prepared by the Planning Department  but did not discuss its contents.

Planning Board, 5-23-2016

The ZBA action was to renew the existing special permit for the Coutnryside landscape business. The board had no issue with the special permit request but will advise the ZBA that the ingress/egress for the use will be subject to Planning Board review of the overall site plan.  As the use is an existing one, the board has no problem with the ZBA  renewing the permit while it works out the site plan issues.


Mr. Kincart noted that more information was needed on the number of dwelling units in the existing residential structure as this could impact parking requirements. Ms. Georgiou, who also serves as counsel to the ZBA, said that the ZBA could keep the hearing open pending the receipt of additional information.

Planning Board, 5-9-2016

Repeating its support for the project, the board said it needed more information about the history of the site and its existing uses before moving forward: a 2 family house, the landscape business, and the used car business. Mr. Riina advised the board that the special permit for the landscape outdoor storage yard had expired but that the business was applying to the ZBa for a new permit.


The fate of the second access to Route 202 was also briefly touched on, as well as the problem of making left turns out of the site, but both issues were left to future site plan discussions once the “history” of the site was clarified, including the types of vehicles used by the landscape business.


Mr. Quinn indicated that he wanted to see the “rest’ of the application, including a survey of property that identified the current uses. Notwithstanding the need for additional information, a public informational meeting will be scheduled.

Planning Board, 3-14-2016

The applicant, Stephen Brophy, plans to lease the site currently used as a used car lot and transform the existing building into a sandwich shop with the eventual goal of expanding the menu to include barbeque offerings and seating for 50 patrons. His plan includes an outdoor patio and landscaping along Route 202.


The board was supportive of the plan, with Mr. Fon noting that anything on the site would be an improvement.


Before proceeding, the board asked the applicant to provide additional information about how the rear of the property was being used by a landscape company. It also advised the applicant to meet with the building inspector to clarify the existing uses on the property and whether they were conforming. (It appeared that there may not be a prior approved site plan for the parcel.)


Issues to be considered include whether continue to have two access points to Route 202, the location of a propane tank, potential  “smells” emanating from the site, outdoor lighting, and the extent to which the DOT will allow additional landscaping on the strip abutting the road.