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SBL: 5.19-1-15
Discussion Approved Site Plan

Location: 800 East Main Street
Contact: Site Design Consultants

Description: Request to remove and relocate two trees shown as not to be removed on the approved site plan.

Planning Board, 4/9/2012

The board approved the modification of the site plan to allow two trees to be removed and replaced with two new 4” red maples. The modification will be memorialized in a memo from the Planning Department. Given the problems associated with planting trees of this size, the planting will be done under the supervision of a landscape architect.Page Content Here

Planning Board, 3/26/2012

Joe Riina of Site Design Consultants requested a modification in the previously approved site plan that would permit the elimination of two trees, an 8” beech and a 16” maple, next to the new driveway that is being constructed. While the original plan called for saving the trees, he explained that because of the site’s grade, both trees will be endangered by the construction. As mitigation, the property owner will plant two new red maples elsewhere on the site where no future construction is planned. At the board’s request, the applicant will try to increase the size of the new trees from the planned 3”-3.5” to 4”. Anything larger, it was explained, may be too big to “take.”


The applicant will send a letter to the Planning Department detailing the change and the board will notify the Tree Conservation Advisory Commission about the change.