Perez Subdivision
SBL: 17.18-2-2
Discussion Preliminary Application

Location: 3232 Gomer Street
Contact: Ciarcia Engineering, P.C.
Description: Proposed 12 lot subdivision on 12.3 acres in the R1-20 zone.

Planning Board, 10-1-2018

The proposal is for a 12 lot subdivision on a 12.3 acre site in an R1-20 (half acre) zone). Mr. Kincart recused himself. The applicant was represented by Dan Ciarcia who reviewed an initial layout with access to Gomer Street, and connections to London Road and Cordial Road via existing easements. The Cordial Road easement that dates back to an old approved subdivision plan may not have sufficient width.  The road pattern was dictated, to some extent, by a wetland in the center of the site.


The board asked Mr. Ciarcia to look at the possibility of a cluster subdivision that would facilitate a different road pattern.