Taco Bell – 3605 Crompond Road

SBL: 36.05-1-16
Discussion – Preliminary Site Plan

Location: 3605 Crompond Road
Contact: JMC Site Development Consultants
Description: Proposed Taco Bell restaurant and drive-thru on 1.06 acres in the C-4 zone at the former Snap Fitness location.

Planning Board, 8-10-2020

The board approved the amended site plan that calls for 40 parking spaces, plus two additional spaces that can be paved if the board is advised at a future date that there is a parking problem. The required 42 spaces incorporate a waiver of the required number of parking spaces under the town code.  No tenant has been identified yet for the second space.  The board also approved an outdoor seating permit for 12 seats  for one year that is subject to renewal for intervals of up to five years. The applicant said he was “in the homestretch” in his discussions with the state DOT about reopening the second access to Route 202.

Planing Board, 7-13-2020

The board opening the public hearing. The applicant explained the project. There were no comments from the public. The only comments from the board dealt with the reopening of the second driveway to Route 202 that would be for right turns only.  The applicant said that he has been in discussions with the DOT regarding the reopening and believes that the agency is likely to approve the reopening. Mr. Tegeder noted that even though the DOT’s general policy has been to limit new driveway cuts on Route 202, this driveway already existed and there is adequate sight distance for safe right turns.  The Planning Department is still working with the applicant on the justification to reduce the required number of parking spaces based on anticipated needs for a fast food establishment.


The hearing was closed with a 10 day written comment period.

Planning Board, 6-8-2020

The applicant reviewed minor changes to the plan suggested by ABACA dealing with signage and the Conservation Board regarding landscaping.  Based on additional information about the previous tenant’s water usage and the anticipated new usage, the applicant advised the board that the town engineer has no issue with the sewer capacity.  The plan calls for three outdoor tables in front of the store and the board would like to see bollards or other barriers from Route 202.  The Planning Department will calculate the parking needs and based on its findings the applicant may or may not have to go to the ZBA for a variance.  The board was also concerned about when the stormwater line would have to be inspected as part of the maintenance agreement with the town. After some back and forth, and taking into consideration the history of problems at the site, it was decided to put off making any changes to the draft agreement pending DEP requirements which might be more restrictive than the five years included in the draft.


A public hearing will be scheduled.

Planning Board, 4-27-2020

The applicant reviewed the plan. A fire hydrant will be installed with a connection to a water main on Old Crompond Road.  After comparing anticipated water usage with the former restaurant usage, the applicant said he had satisfactorily addressed the town engineer’s concern over sewage flows to the Hunterbrook pump station.  There were no public comments.  The hearing was closed.

Planning Boad, 1-13-2020

The applicant reviewed the plan that includes reopening a left turn lane, subject to DOT approval. The applicant’s plan includes 40 parking spaces where 49 are required and will be asking the board to apply the potential 25% reduction allowed in the code; at issue, though, is that no tenant has been identified for the second storefront.


The applicant plans to have the culvert under the building inspected. It was unclear whether an easement would be needed for the culvert. 


The applicant will also look at possibly making the drive thru land wider as suggested by the town engineer. He was also asked to add the location of the nearest fire hydrant to the plan.  A signage and landscaping plan will also be needed.

Planning Board, 10-21-2019

The applicant is under contract to purchase the building that formerly housed Snap Fitness and Thyme  with Taco Bell filling the former fitness center site; no tenant has been identified for the second space.


The applicant presented a concept plan that showed a new drive up window, opening up a second curb cut to Route 202 that had been closed in roughly 2000 (DOT approval would be needed for this change) and modifications to the parking area. The exterior of the building would be changed with a new roof line and façade treatment.  The concept plan has 39 parking spaces where 49 are required, prompting the applicant to explain that he would be asking the board to grant the 25% parking relief permitted in the town code.


Part of the site’s stormwater system includes a drainage pipe under the building that carries runoff from the north side of Route 202 and empties at the surface of the site’s side. Noting that the corrugated metal  pipe might be at least 30 years old, Mr. Tegeder advised the applicant that the pipe’s condition should be investigated.  Mr. Fon suggested that the board do a joint site visit with the Conservation Board.  In response to a question from Mr. Savoca, it was noted that there is a left turn lane on Route in front of the building.


The applicant has yet to submit a formal application and supporting documents.