Taco Bell-Mohegan Lake

SBL: 15.16-1-21
Discussion – Site Plan

Location: 3571 Mohegan Avenue
Contact: JMC Site Development Consultants
Description: Proposed Taco Bell restaurant and drive-thru on 0.83 acres in the C-2 zone, at the corner of East Main Street and Mohegan Avenue.

Planning Board, 11-23-2020

Mr. Tegeder, citing the parcel’s prominent location,  asked the applicant to come back with plans that reoriented  the building to face either Mohegan Avenue or East Main  Street. The applicant said that while there were some site constraints for relocating the building, he would see what he could do.

Planning Board, 10-26-2020

The applicant presented a revised plan that he said was in response to earlier board comments as well as comments from ABACA an the Conservation Board. The revised plan adds more landscaping.  The applicant stated that based on the 2018 traffic study done when the site was rezoned, the traffic impact for a fast food restaurant would be the same as if the site was developed for retail use or a bank which was part of the original 2007 approval.


One Mohegan resident spoke up in opposition to the plan, pointing out that there were 23 restaurants within a one mile radius of the site.  He said the town should support existing businesses.


The hearing was closed.

Planning Board, 9-14-2020

The building would be on the vacant site at the corner of East Main Street and Mohegan Avenue. The 2,100 sf building will replace a 2,000 sf bank building that was approved as part of the original site plan but never built.   (Note: the parcel was rezoned from office to commercial use in January, 2019.) In reviewing the initial plan, the board asked the applicant to soften the appearance of the sides of the buildings and consider more landscaping around the parking lot to “soften” the overall appearance.  A Public Informational Hearing will be held October 26.