Citizens for an Informed Yorktown

Kiederer Subdivision

SBL: 27.14-2-4
Location: 362 Granite Springs Road
Contact: Ciarcia Engineering, P.C.
Description: A 2 lot subdivision approved by Planning Board Res #05-21 (09/12/05) and reapproved by Res #06- 14 (09/11/06), #07-14 (09/10/07), #08-15 (09/22/08), #09-21 (09/14/09), #10-13 (09/13/10), and #11-20 (09/12/11).

Planning Board 11-24-2014

Mr. Ciarcia showed a modified plan that included some additional tree plantings based on a meeting he had had with town staff.  The board was still concerned, however, about the removal of so many trees (an actual count was not provided; just an aerial photograph) and asked that Mr. Ciarcia meet with Bruce Barber to see if more adjustments could be made. Ms. Kutter, who was co-author of the Tree Ordinance and who was speaking as a private citizen as she had recently resigned from the board, said that the Tree Ordinance didn’t require a 1-1 tree replacement but rather was concerned that the required mitigation plan address the lost “function” that the trees provided.


The board approved the combination tree and stormwater permit with the condition that Mr. Barber is satisfied with the final plan.

Plannng Board, 11-10-2014

Although the two lot subdivision was approved in 2005, it must meet the newer stormwater requirements and the requirements of the Tree Ordinance passed after 2005.  Although there was nothing in writing, it was stated that the town engineer has no issue with the project’s stormwater plans.  Complying with the requirements of the Tree Ordinance, however, presented a problem, because all the trees on the site will have to be  cut down in order to accommodate the septic fields, triggering the law’s requirement that there be mitigation, something the applicant’s engineer, Dan Ciarcia, had not considered. Mr. Fon suggested that Mr. Ciarcia meet with staff to identify possible off site mitigation plans as planting new trees on the site was not a viable option.  Also, the applicant needs to do an inventory and identify how many trees will need to be cut down.

Planning Board, 9-8-2014

In an item not on the agenda, the board accepted a recommendation from the Planning Department that the subdivision plat be signed  but that no site work be commenced until a SWPP was approved.

Planning Board, 8-11-2014

The board reapproved the subdivision which is still waiting for DOH approval.

Plannning Board, 6-9-2014

The board granted a second 90-day extension to allow the applicant to make some additional changes to the plan.

Planning Board, 2-10-2014

The Board approved a first 90 days extension.

Planning Board, 9-23-2013

Approved a reapproval.  The applicant said that a contract was pending that should finally bring closure to this subdivision first approved in 2005.

Planning Board, 6-10-2013

The Board approved a second 90 day extensions. The applicant has made modifications to the original plan based on Department of Health concerns.

Planning Board, 3-11-2013

Planning Director Tegeder having no issues with the application, the Board approved the first 90-day extension while the applicant does more testing for a septic system.

Planning Board, 11-19-2012

The Board unanimously reapproved the subdivision after Dan Ciarcia, the applicant’s engineer advised the Board that the original SEQRA and stormwater findings were still valid.

Planning Board, 10/15/2012

The Board voted to reapprove the project as the applicant is still modifying his plans in order to meet Health Department concerns.Planning Director Tegeder raised the issue of whether the original SEQRA review for the project, completed in 2005, should be reviewed in light of new regulations.The applicant’s engineer will meet with Mr. Tegeder to review the project.

Planning Board, 6/11/2012

The board granted a second 90 day extension. Representing the applicant, Dan Ciarcia advised the board that his client is still proceeding with the project and that some adjustments to the original plan are being made based on Health Department input.

Planning Board, 3/12/2012

Without any discussion, the board approved the first 90 extension for the 2-lot subdivision that was reapproved September 20, 2011 and initially approved September 12, 2005.