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Savannah's Restaurant

SBL: 25.20-1-3
Discussion Site Plan
Location: 3901 Crompond Road
Contact: David A. Tetro
Description: Request for site plan approval for a restaurant including front porch and rear walk-in cooler additions and to provide 58 parking spaces where 61 are required.

Planning Board, 11-18-2013

The applicant was not present, but there was a very brief discussion about the request to revise the site’s lighting plan.

Planning Board, 9-23-2013

The Board reconvened the public hearing. There were no public comments. After closing the hearing the Board voted to approve the amended site plan. There was a discussion with the applicant on how to handle the joint egress with the abutting property if and when that property comes before the Planning Board.

Planning Board, 9-9-2013

The hearing, at which no one from the public spoke and there were no questions from the Board, was adjourned due to a problem with the hearing notices.  The only change to the previously submitted plan is the need to erect an outside staircase for the building’s second floor.

Planning Board, 8-12-2013

The Board opened and closed the Public Informational Hearing. The only comments were from the applicant’s architect, David Tetro . In response to a question from Mr. Savoca that related back to the earlier approval for I Luv My Kids, the applicant will review the reciprocal easement with the adjoining property owner. The agreement would alter egress from the site when the vacant site comes before the Board with a new site plan in order to provide a coordinated traffic plan.

Planning Board, 7-15-2013

The southern food restaurant will be housed in the former I Luv My Kids/Sunshine Pizza building. The plan calls for adding a porch with outdoor seating on the front of the building and some changes to the landscaping in the front.


The applicant is before the Board for approval of a change of use and also for approval of a parking plan that has four fewer spaces than required for a restaurant.  The applicant explained, however, that the building’s original site plan included four “conservation” spaces, or future spaces left as grass that could be used if and when needed. The Board felt comfortable leaving these spaces as grass until the need for them was demonstrated. Counting the conservation spaces will also eliminate the applicant’s need to get a variance from  the ZBA.


The applicant will also tweak the plan to eliminate an increase of 20 square feet of impervious surface in order to eliminate the need for the project to undergo DEP review.


An August public hearing is anticipated.