Sierra Bella fka Samsel Minor
SBL: 47.5-1-13
Request 1st 90 Day Time Extension
Location: 1860 Hunterbrook Road
Contact: Ralph G. Mastromonaco, PE, PC
Description: A 2 lot subdivision approved by Resolution 09-24 on September 14, 2009.

Planning Board, 8-11-2014

The board okayed a reapproval as the applicant said he needs about two more weeks before the plat can be signed


Planning Board, 6-9-2014

The board granted a wetlands permit.


Planning Board, 5-5-2014

Approved a 90-day extension. The applicant expects all approvals to be in place in a matter of days.


Planning Board, 1-27-2014

The Board approved a first 90 day extension to allow more time for the required bond to be reviewed and accepted by the town attorney.


Planning Board, 8-12-2013

Granted another reapproval.  The Board will not grant a wetlands permit until the plat is filed; to do so now would enable the applicant to commence work on the site.


Planning Board, 5-6-2013

Unanimously granted a second 90 day extension. The DEP has approved the projectís stormwater plan.


Planning Board, 3-11-2013

While the applicant awaits DEP approval, the Board approved the first 90-day extension.


Planning Board, 2-11-2013

As no representatives of the applicant were present, the item was tabled.


Planning Board, 9-10-2012

Attorney Al Capellini explained that the applicant is still waiting for DEPís legal department to approve the maintenance agreement for the private driveway.In response to Paul Moskowitzís request that the Board take a fresh look at the plan rather than grant an automatic reapproval, Mr. Fon noted that there have been no changes in stormwater regulations since the original plan was approved. When Mr. Moskowitz cited past problems with the property owner, it was pointed out that the property is now under new ownership. The Board voted to reapprove the subdivision.


Planninig Board, 8/13/2012

The Board held off granting the requested reapproval pending the receipt of information as to whether any changes were needed in the applicantís earlier SEQRA filing.The applicant is awaiting DEP approval of a maintenance agreement involving a private road that will provide access to the two lot subdivision.


Planning Board, 5/7/2012


The board okayed a 2nd 90-day extension to allow DEP to finish its review of a new SWPP ( Stormwater Prevention Plan.) According to Al Capellini, the attorney for the project, the applicant has gotten an oral okay for the new plan but is still waiting for written comments from DEP.


Planning Board, 2/13/2012

According to the applicant, the delay stems from changes in DEP regulations which have to be accommodated.The Planning Board granted the extension, but the applicant will have to redo SEQR if the project is not started within this 90 day time frame.