Citizens for an Informed Yorktown


Spark Steakhouse

SBL: 26.18-1-7
Location: 3360 Old Crompond Road (Crompond Crossing)
Contact: MAP Architecture

Planning Board, 8-8-2016

The board opened and closed the public hearing and then voted to approve the amended site plan. Although final details of the catch basin issue remain to be worked out, it was agreed that the problem catch basin can be eliminated and the stormwater flow rerouted to another catch basin that is large enough to accommodate the additional flow.


The special permit for the outdoor seating will include a condition prohibiting amplified music. The permit will be for three years.

Planning Board, 7-11-2016

In response to questions asked at the Public Informational Hearing, Mr. Piccirillo said that there would be no loud outside music and that the hours of operation would be 12 noon-10:30PM Sunday-Wednesday and 12 noon – 11pm Thursday-Saturday.  Valet parking will be available for those using the Best Plumbing lot when that building is not in use. (There was some confusion as to what portions of then Best Building, i.e., the showroom and/or the contractor’s supply area, were open on Saturday.)


Regarding the problem catch basin, Neil DeLuca, the owner, said that based on how he had dealt with the board in the past, he was waiting for the board to tell him how to solve the problem  instead of his engineer designing something and coming to the board for approval with something it might not like.  He said he was frustrated that two months had been wasted. After some considerable back and forth, and different interpretations of what had been agreed to by Mr. DeLuca and town staff at a site visit, there was general agreement about the relocation of the problem catch basin and that Mr. DeLuca would have his in house engineer provide the details requested by the town engineer, including the necessary flow calculations that took into consideration any changes from the original plan.


A public hearing will be held in August.

Planning Board, 6-13-2016

Mr. Piccirilo reviewed the proposed changes in the plan. Town Engineer Quinn advised the board that he has been in contact with the property owner who will have an engineer design the revised catch basin. (Mr. Piccirilo is only representing the Steakhouse.)  Mr. Piccirilo will contact Best Plumbing to review previous agreements for the shared parking; he estimates that the revised plan will eliminate two or three parking spaces. As of now, there were no plans to change the previously submitted outdoor lighting plan.


A resident from Old Crompond Road expressed concern about hours of operation, noise, music and lighting for the outdoor seating.  In response, Mr. Fon advised her that more information was needed on these issues and that the information would be forthcoming as the application progressed to a second public hearing. The board’s attorney advised the resident that there were provisions regulating the hours of operation of outdoor dining areas. Mr. Piccirilo estimated that there would be approximate seating for 46 outside and about 150 inside.


The hearing was closed.

Planning Board, 5-23-2016

Mr. Piccirilo reviewed the proposed changes. An engineer will have to submit a plan regarding the relocation of a catch basin that was incorrectly designed on the original plan and incorrectly built. A Public Informal Hearing will be scheduled in June

Planning Board, 4-11-2016

The applicant has leased the building adjacent to Best Plumbing that has been unoccupied for about two years. Working from the original site plan drawings that left some details to be worked out later once the owner had a tenant, architect Michael Piccirillo advised the board that changes have to be made in a loading area (what has already been built does not conform to the approved plan and the owner has a different use for the area) and also a staircase needs to be built to access a rooftop seating area.  (A portion of the roof will be “green.” Another part will house the building’s HVAC equipment.) As plans for the seating area firm up, the plan will have to make provision for a second egress from the roof. (Plans for a bar and bathrooms on the roof have been dropped.). The applicant will also have to apply for a special permit for outdoor seating (envisioned on the original plan) and the plan’s stormwater plan will have to be reviewed to see if changes in the loading area will trigger any change in stormwater.   The original plan also envisions that parking will be shared with Best Plumbing, although the details have to be worked out.