CubeSmart Self Storage

(formerToys R Us Building)
Bank Street

Planning Board, 10-5-2020

The applicant showed the board an architectural rendering of changes to the building: the 26,000 sf addition to the sides of the building that swings around to the front entrance, the use of metal panels on top of the existing block exterior, and a two tone color scheme.  The applicant also showed a landscape plan.  The board generally liked the new plan but asked for some tweaking.  Mr. Tegeder also wanted to see a sample of the metal plates.


Based on the other CubeSmart locations, the hours of operation are likely to be weekdays 9:30-6, Saturday 8:30-5 and Sunday 11-3, although businesses might be accommodated at other times.


A public informational hearing will be held on October 26.

Planning Board, 9-14-2020

The applicant showed a rendering of the existing 45,000 sq ft building with additions on either side totaling 19,000 sf. It was noted that when the plan was initially discussed at the Town Board, there was no mention of any addition. Also, at the presentation to the Town Board, it was said that entry to the units would be from inside the building. However, the rendering showed roll up doors on the two side additions.


The board liked the overall plan, but Mr. Tegeder asked that something be done to “soften” the rear of the building facing Route 6, and also to possibly consider some shrubs between the building and trees. Mr. DeVito advised the board that the trees, which are on DOT right-of-way, had not been pruned but that only vines were removed.


The applicant will likely return to the October 5 work session and a Public Informational Hearing will be held on October 26. The applicant would like to be in the building in January.

Town Board, 9-8-2020

Mr. Tegeder provided the board with a draft of proposed changes to the zoning ordinance in order to accommodate this use. He explained that the critical issue was the visual impact the facility would have from the street.  The board directed Mr. Tegeder to put his proposed changes in “legislative format” so that it could be referred out at the board’s next meeting.  In the meantime, pursuing a dual track process, the applicant is expected to appear at the September 14 Planning Board meeting.


Town Board, 7-28-2020

John DeVito, the owner of the property, advised the board that he has a contract with a self storage company for the reuse of the 45,000 square foot building that has been vacant for two years.  Access to the building would be from the interior of the building.  While the site’s current zoning allows for self storage, Mr. Tegeder explained that there are one or two sentences in the existing Zoning Code that might be problematical. The board was supportive of the new use and suggested that Mr. Tegeder work with Mr. DeVito to see if those two sentences need to be modified.  In the meantime, in response to Mr. DeVito’s request, the board agreed that the application could proceed to the Planning Board for review while the Zoning Code language issue was worked out.