Toys R Us Reuse (Self Storage)

Bank Street

Town Board, 7-28-2020

John DeVito, the owner of the property, advised the board that he has a contract with a self storage company for the reuse of the 45,000 square foot building that has been vacant for two years.  Access to the building would be from the interior of the building.  While the site’s current zoning allows for self storage, Mr. Tegeder explained that there are one or two sentences in the existing Zoning Code that might be problematical. The board was supportive of the new use and suggested that Mr. Tegeder work with Mr. DeVito to see if those two sentences need to be modified.  In the meantime, in response to Mr. DeVito’s request, the board agreed that the application could proceed to the Planning Board for review while the Zoning Code language issue was worked out.