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SBL: 6.18-1-37
Location: 76 Route 6 (Osceola Industrial Park)
Contact: Tim Miller Associates
Description: Proposed 3 lot subdivision and site plan for a total of 4 commercial buildings on 18.095 acres in the I-1 zone.


Planning Board, 6-22-2015

This project was originally introduced to the Planning Board in 2006, had a public hearing in 2011, but was put on hold for financial reasons.  Now it is being reintroduced to the Planning Board.  Two of the proposed lots will have access directly off Route 6, while the others’ will be off internal driveways.  The wetland has been reflagged, and the applicant is currently in discussions with Town Environmental Consultant Bruce Barber about the regulatory status of the site’s three wetlands, including a stream channel.  The stream channel has been heavily eroded by run off from the adjacent Santucci property, but storm water run off collection on that site has stopped the damage.  The applicant has submitted a short form Environmental Assessment Form and applications for tree, wetland and storm water permits.  The plans include the required number of parking spaces.  Mr. Tegeder summarized the Board’s previous concerns about the site, i.e. water and the wetlands and the long interest in developing the adjacent Creative Living site.  The Planning Board would be interested in seeing a traffic connection between the two sites, which might require another Route 6 access, given the large amount of traffic sporadically generated by  Creative Living.  The Planning Board will schedule a site visit.


Planning Board, 8-13-2012


On a Town Board referral, Planning Director Tegeder noted that food uses were not a permitted use in the light industrial zone and that if the proposed trailer was located in the Town’s right-of-way, then the applicant should be requesting a peddler permit.

The Board agreed with Mr. Flynn’s suggestion that this was more a zoning issue than a planning issue and said that the applicant should ask the building inspector for an interpretation of the Zoning Code and then possibly apply to the ZBA for a use variance. If the ZBA wanted to consider issuing one, then according to procedure, the ZBA would refer the application to the Planning Board for site plan review.


Town Board, 7-1-2012

The owner of a parcel abutting Navajo Road in the Oseola Industrial Park off Route 6 is requesting permission to sell hot dogs from a mobile trailer. Because the person addressing the board was not the owner of the parcel or of the proposed trailer, he was unable to answer questions regarding the size of the trailer and whether the trailer would be parked on the owner’s property or in the town’s right of way on Navajo Road.


If parked on the owner’s property, the use would not be permitted under the existing zoning code and the Board would have to consider amending the code to permit the use.

The Board voted to refer the application to the appropriate boards and agencies as soon as the applicant provided the missing information.