Mohegan Audi
1791 East Main Street
SBL: 15.16-1-44 & 45
Proposed building addition of 11,000 sf to an existing 16,000 sf building for dealer service bays.

Planning Board, 2-11-2019

Assistant Planner Robyn Steinberg advised the board that neither an application for a stormwater permit nor a SWPPP had been submitted and reviewed by the board prior to its granting site plan approval; she said that the SWPP referenced in the 2018 approval resolution was actually one from 2010.  Once the error was discovered, the applicant has retroactively submitted an application and SWPPP. The board went into special session and voted on an amended approval resolution.

Planning Board, 9-17-2018

The board approved the site plan, SWPPP and SEQRA neg dec.

Planning Board, 8-13-2018

The board was advised that the ZBA variance has been granted and that negotiations have continued with the DOT regarding the transfer of land along East Main Street for the sidewalk.  The applicant explained that although it had an off site location for unloading cars, in the event that unloading had to take place at the East Main Street site, there was room on site for the unloading so that trucks would not have  to park on East Main Street.


In response to a question from the public, the applicant explained that the area set aside for parked cars along East Main Street would be for pre-owned car4s and not cars waiting to be serviced.


The hearing was closed. Mr. Tegeder asked the applicant to provide more information about street scape landscaping and also landscaping at the rear of the property abutting residential properties.

Planning Board, 7-16-2018

The applicant is scheduled to appear at this months’ ZBA and will provide the Planning Board with an update at its August meeting.

Planning Board, 6-25-2018

In an item not on the agenda, Mr. Riina asked the board to send a letter to the ZBA regarding the status of its review

Planning Board, 6-11-2018

In an item not on the agenda, Mr. Riina asked the board to send a letter to the ZBA regarding the status of its review.

Planning Board, 6-11-2018

The applicant reviewed the site plan. The number of parking spaces will be 156, up from the existing 103 spaces; a variance will be requested as only 114 are allowed.  Two curb cuts on East Main Street will be eliminated, leaving one access point on East Main and one on Lakeland Street. The plan includes the ability of car carriers to access the site, although the applicant explained that this is not likely to happen. During the hearing, the owner of Village Traditions, across Lakeland Street, expressed concern that car carriers might be parked along the street, blocking access to his site. He asked that No Parking signs be erected. In response, Mr. Tegeder said that there could be a note on the site plan prohibiting parking on Lakeland Street and Mr. Fon advised the owner that it was up to the Audi owner to control where car carriers parked.  The applicant’s architect explained that some changes would be made to the front of the existing building as part of a general upgrrade/modernization and that the exterior treatment of the new addition was cognizant of the existing character of the neighborhood. Tony Grasso, speaking on behalf of the chamber of Commerce, supported the application.  

Planning Board, 5-7-2018

The traffic consultant went over the changes to the original site plan that were discussed at the previous meeting. It was not clear if he had done, or would be doing, a traffic count.  He advised the board that the new adaptive light  at East Main and Lexington that changes based on traffic appeared to be helping to move traffic. The applicant has hired a new attorney who will be reviewing the issue of how to deal with the two different zoning designations.  A Public Informational Hearing will be held in June.

Planning Board, 4-23-2018

In response to board comments at the previous meeting, the applicant has revised the façade treatment to soften the look so that it doesn’t look like a “shop” and aligned access points on Lakeland St.  The applicant has been meeting with the DOT regarding how to landscape the sidewalk and grass strip along East Main Street. It was noted that the DOT has adjusted the traffic light at Lexington Ave and will adjust it again once the new light to the west of Lexington becomes operational.  The applicant’s traffic consultant will likely attend a May meeting. In response to questions from Mr. Tegeder, the applicant said that there would be carrier trucks coming to the site; as a result of the discussions during the Volkswagon site plan, the applicant now uses a 2.5 acre site in Mahopac to load and unload  vehicles. Still to be decided is if and how the existing two parcels might be merged into one lot. A public hearing will be schedculed  for either May or June.

Planning Board, 3-26-2018

See Planning Board minutes for details of proposed project.

Planning Board, 2-26-2018

Joe Riina of Site Design Consultants advised the board that the owner will be submitting an application for an expansion of the building on the abutting vacant lot at the corner of East Main Street and Lakeland Avenue. To be resolved with the building inspector is whether the vacant lot, currently zoned C-3, will need to be rezoned to comply with the C-4 zoning of the existing building.