RCB Development
SBL: 36.5-2-60
Location: Old Crompond Road
Contact: Ralph G. Mastromonaco, PE, PC
Description: A 2-lot subdivision on 10.32 acres in the R1-20 zone approved by Res #08-01 dated 01/14/08.

Planning Board, 7-15-2019

(See previous history dating back to 2008.) The new owners of the site want to proceed with building houses on two lots. Based on an earlier approval, two additional lots that were part of the approved subdivision would remain undeveloped; although the original plan was to sell those lots to abutting property owners, that plan has been abandoned and the board suggested that the two unbuildable lots be combined with the two fronts lots and a conservation easement be placed on the rear portions of the lots.  The owners will pursue this option. In the meantime, while a new survey is being done and the easement agreements worked out, the board approved the subdivision plan, along with a wetlands and stormwater permit so that the owners could get a building permit. As a condition of the approval, they won’t be able to get a CO for the houses until the lot issue is resolved.

Planning Board, 3-11-2015

The board approved a second 90-day extension. Mr. Mastromonaco explained that because the Department of Health wanted a notation removed from the map, the change required other changes which has led to the delay. He hoped this would be his last request.

Planning Board, 11-10-2014

Ralph Mastromonaco, the project engineer, explained that work had started on the two lot subdivision but could not be completed by the time the approval ran out. The board approved a re-approval.   Citing this application, and the board’s experience with the Arrowhead subdivision, Mr. Tegeder suggested to the board have a discussion in the future discussion about allowing an applicant to proceed with infrastructure improvements before subdivision plats are filed.


Planning Board, 1/9/2012

Representing the applicant, Mr. Mastromonaco requested a time extension on the subdivision approved in 2008. He said that his client had started work recently but that the Building Department had advised the client to stop work as his prior approval had expired. The applicant is trying to get site work done on the common areas prior to filing the plat so that he will not have to post a performance bond for the site work (he has put up bonds for other work on the site.).The board unanimously approved the extension with the condition that the applicant submit a letter stating that there have been no environmental changes to the plan or site since the earlier SEQRA review.

August 10, 2009
The 2nd 90 day extension was granted.  No specific reason for the delay was given.

January 12, 2009
The board granted two 90-day extensions, the first one being retroactive as the applicant had failed to apply for an earlier extension, plus another 90 days. The delay is due to the need for Health Department approval.

1/14/2008: Decision Statement
Location:  Old Crompond Road, Crompond
Description:  Proposed 2 lot subdivision on 10.32 acres in R1-40 zone
Section 36.05 Block 2 Lots 60, 62
Represented by Dan Cicarcia =engineer

The Planning Board declared itself the lead agency under SEQRA for this project and then adopted a negative declaration of environmental impact, i.e. the project will not have a significant negative impact on the environment.  The Planning Board adopted a resolution approving the final site plan subject to Town Attorney and/or Town Engineer approval of certain technical details having to do with the property's conservation easement, the maintenance of the detention pond, the easement necessary for the common driveway, a waiver for the grade of the driveway and the storm water pollution prevention plan.
In addition, the Chairman read a letter from a neighbor at 2442 Hunterbrook Rd. which described troublesome water conditions on his property and questioned whether the new construction would exacerbate those conditions.  Mr. Cicarcia said that all the run off from the proposed construction would be directed to Old Crompond Rd, and not impact this neighbor's property at all.