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Piturro Subdivision
SBL: 27.05-1-37
Pre-Preliminary Discussion

Location: Hemlock Street & Radcliffe Drive
Contact: Ciarcia Engineering, PC
Description: Proposed extension of a northern spur of Hemlock Street (off Radcliffe Drive) to a cul-de-sac for a 4 lot subdivision of 7.5 acres in the R1-20 zone.

Planning Board, 3-11-2015

In a pre-preliminary discussion Dan Ciarcia presented a plan for a 4-lot subdivision off a cul dísac on 7.5 acres in a half acre zone. This portion of Hemlock Street is a short spur off Radcliffe and is not connected to the lower portion of Hemlock Street.  Given grade and wetland issues, the board was not considering connecting the two sections of Hemlock, and it was suggested that to avoid confusion, the northern spur actually be renamed.  The houses would be sewered  and would request being added to the Peekskill Sanitary Sewer District, an issue, Mr. Ciacia explained that he had already discussed with the town engineer.


Mr. Ciarcia suggested to the board that a berm could be constructed in the rear wetland portion of the site that abuts town owned property as a way to retain water during heavy storm events. Since this would require some maintenance, it was suggested that this portion of the site be deeded to the town, a suggestion that the board appeared to agree with.


The consensus on the board was that the plan looked reasonable and Mr. Ciarcia will refine some of the details and return to the board.