Crompond Crossing Subdivision
SBL: 26.18-1-7
Location: Crompond Rd
Contact: Neil DeLuca
Description: Approved project includes two commercial buildings of 8,500 SF (retail) and 4,200 SF (restaurant/retail), a 26 unit multifamily residential site plan, and a 29 lot subdivision.

Planning Board, 9-8-2014

In an item not on the agenda, the board agreed with the building inspector that the proposed relocation of a crosswalk designation between the stores and the townhouses was not safe and needed to be redesigned. Planning staff will work with the developer on a new plan.


Plannng Board, 5-5-2014

Approved a 90 day extension of the amended plat.

Planning Board, 4-7-2014

The board will approve, by memo, a modification in the approved site plan that relocated some parking and a section of the sidewalk in the area of the town houses.  The applicant explained that the change was made necessary based on field conditions. In response to questions  from the board, the applicant said that he was in negotiation with two possible tenants for the second commercial space on the site; both of which were restaurants.

Planning Board, 9-23-2013

Approved the amended site plan.

Planning Board, 9-9-2013

Because some of the buildings ended up using modular construction as opposed to stick built construction, the original site plan is “off” by a few inches for some of the buildings necessitating an amended site plan. 


In a related discussion, the applicant advised the Board that he is still seeking a tenant for the planned second commercial structure.

Town Board, 5-21-2013

Authorized the Building Inspector to issue a TCO for Best Plumbing  and to refer out the request for a TCO to appropriate town agencies.

Town Board, 10-2-2012

Performance Bond Fee Acceptance: While accepting a performance bond from a developer for planned infrastructure improvements is typically a routine matter, this resolution generated some discussion when Town Attorney Koster asked that this resolution be pulled from the agenda as she had an issue with the names on the letter of credit and Town Clerk Roker took exception to delaying the passage of the resolution. Town Engineer Robinson explained that in the past, letters of credit associated with this type of bond were always reviewed by the Finance Department and were never sent to the Town Attorney for review. She said that the bond was on the Board’s work session agenda last week at which time no problems were raised. She added that if the Board postponed acting on the resolution tonight, she would have to cancel a pre-construction meeting that had already been set up with the applicant.

Supervisor Grace overruled Ms. Koster explaining that as long as there was a letter of credit in the Town’s favor, it didn’t make a difference what third party name was on the document.

Planning Board, 8-13-2012

The Board approved a one year extension while the applicant awaits DEP approval which Mr. Capellini said was “imminent.”The applicant has closed with the county which will be providing funds for the project through the affordable housing fund program.

Town Board, 7/10/2012

An item not on the agenda. There was a brief discussion that was not audible to the public about the need for an IMA (intermunicipal agreement) to move the project forward and concern over issues dealing with bonding and infrastructure improvements. It was not clear what the outcome of the discussion was.

Planning Board, 5/7/2012

The board okayed a 2nd 90-day extension, pending final DEP approval which Al Capellini, the project’s attorney, said was “almost there.” One of the final issues was DEP’s concern over the stormwater runoff from the sidewalk that will connect the development to the existing sidewalk around the Chase bank. He explained that the Chase stormwater calculations took into account the eventual extension of the sidewalk to Crompond Crossing.

Planning Board, 3/26/2012

The applicant was requesting a “sense of the board” whether it would be receptive to a change in the size and configuration of the commercial building that is part of this already approved site plan. The change is being requested in order to address the needs of a prospective single tenant, Best Plumbing, which wants to relocate from its current location in the BJ Shopping Center when its lease expires in about five months. According to Mr. Weiner of Best Plumbing, his current lease includes basement space which he no longer needs so the company is looking for a smaller location.


In order to accommodate Best’s showroom and warehouse needs, the building will be increased slightly in size and will become more square-like instead of rectangular. The architectural treatment of the building’s exterior will be modified to minimize its bulkiness and to make it visually compatible with the residential buildings to the rear of the commercial building. The streetscape elements around the site will not be changed.


Best currently has one daily truck delivery and Mr. Weiner said the company was trying to reduce that to two deliveries per week. The business is open from early morning until 5-6pm with most of the warehouse and plumbing supply activity taking place in the morning hours. There was a brief discussion about parking needs at different times of the day and the possibility of eliminating a few spaces on the side of the building in order to increase the width of the landscaped buffer area fronting on Route 202.


The board gave the applicant and Best Plumbing the requested “warm and fuzzy” okay to proceed and the applicant will return to the board with a more formal amended site plan.


The applicant advised the board that he is “days away” from getting DEP approval for the original site plan, (he noted that it was the delay in getting DEP approval that has been holding up the project) and that once he gets that approval, he will apprise DEP of this new change. Given Best’s need to relocate when its current lease expires, he wants to move quickly to begin construction on both the commercial building and town houses.


Planning Board, 2/13/2012

The applicant is waiting for DEP to sign off on the design for a green roof.The Planning Board approved  the first 90 day extension.