Hansmann Major Subdivision
Location: 6.13-1-10, 6.17-2-63; 280 East Main Street, Jefferson Valley
Contact: Ralph Mastromonaco, PE
Description: Proposed 5 lot subdivision on 11.43 acres in the R1-80 zone.

Planning Board, 10-26-2020

The applicant is proposing a five lot subdivision on an 11.43 acre lot in a two acre zone.  Access would be off an extension of Osceola Road. The plan would disturb 4.5 acres of the site.


The main issues are:

… A portion of the proposed road into the subdivision would have a 12% grade where town code limits the grade to 8%.  If the board is okay with the 12% grade, the Town Board will have to approve it.  The applicant rejected the suggestion that the 12% might not be necessary if the number of lots was reduced.


…On a map filed in the 1920s, there’s a 10’ “reserved strip” at the end of the existing Osceola Road. No information is available on who owns the strip or why it was placed on the map.


Mr. Bock, who lives in the neighborhood, advised the board that there were existing safety issues at the intersection of Osceola Road and Perry Street.