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East Coast Auto Sales & Storage
1401 Front Street
SBL: 48.7-1-56
Amended site plan

Planning Board, 1-11-2016

Joe Riina, the applicant’s site engineer, advised the board that even with part of the parking being designated for car storage, the remaining parking was still in compliance with the zoning code. While the site plan will have to be amended to reflect the new use, it was felt that the change of use might not require a public hearing as the site plan would revert to the original plan if and when the auto storage use ceased.  Mr. Tegeder will review what needs to be done to amend the site plan and return to the board in two weeks.


The applicant will continue to work with the building department on the required interior changes.


Planning Board, 12-21-2015

The discussion on this amended site plan is a result of code violations:  in addition to some interior violations of the Building Code, a portion of the parking area on the original site plan is being used for storage of vehicles.  The Building Department is working with the applicant to bring the interior of the building, originally used for “storage” into compliance with its current use as a “garage,” although the applicant, who rents the space, indicated that the building owner has not been responsive. Still to be determined is whether a special permit from the ZBA is needed to legalize the outdoor storage of cars.  The Planning Department will review the parking requirements to see if the amended plan provides sufficient parking.  The general sense of the board was that the code provision requiring outdoor screening would not apply in this instance because the outdoor storage area abutted  vacant town owned  land at the end of Front Street.