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Gione Minor Subdivision
SBL: 27.15-2-1
Location: 21 Loder Road
Contact: Site Design Consultants
Description: A proposed 2 lot subdivision with an existing residence. The new residence will be serviced with town water and individual septic system.

Planning Board, 2-111-2015

The board okayed a 90 day extension. The project is ready to have the plat signed.

Planning Board, 5-5-2014

Approved two 90-day extensions to allow bank to complete its review of conservation easement and road widening document.

Plannng Board, `1-13-2014

In a unanimous vote, the Board approved the revised subdivision plan.

Planning Board, 12-23-2013

The Board reviewed a revised subdivision plan. Its major concern was limiting the area of disturbance. No final decision was made.

Planning Board, 12-9-2013

The subdivision plan for this previously approved 2 log subdivision has to be reopened, and revised because the bank holding the mortgage insists that each of the two lots be at least one acre.  The applicant’s engineer, Joe Riina, showed the Board a possible adjustment in the lot lines that would accommodate both the bank and the town’s wetlands concerns. He will return to the Board with a revised map.

Planning Board, 7-15-2013

The Board reapproved the subdivision to allow the applicant more time to complete legal issues involving the dedication of a road widening strip and a conservation easement.

Planning Board, 5-6-2013

Unanimously approved a second 90 day extension while title issues are being worked out.

Planning  Board, 3-11-2013

The applicant has received Department of Health approval and is awaiting the town attorney’s review of the easement and right of way acceptance. The Board approved a 90 day extension.

Plannnig Board, 8/13/2012

The Board declared itself lead agency, approved a negative declaration and approved the two lot subdivision and associated permits.

Planning Board, 6/11/2012

After opening a public hearing at which only the applicant’s attorney spoke and reviewed the subdivision plan, the board adjourned the hearing to allow time for additional SEQRA comments as required by law.

Planning Board, 5/21/2012

Mr. Riina advised the board that the ZBA had granted the requested variance, that some minor changes had been made to the plan, and that the applicant was requesting that the public hearing be set for the next meeting. Mr. Fon reported that the Conservation Board had no issue with the plan.In response to comments from Mr. Flynn about the small rear yards, followed by a suggestion from Planning Director John Tegeder about the possibility of turning the orientation of the houses in order to make a larger perceived rear yard, Mr. Riina said he thought he could revise the plan to accommodate the “turning” suggestion.

Planning Board, 3/12/2012

A public informational hearing was held. Joe Riina of Site Design Consultants gave a general description of the project.The applicant will have to seek a front yard setback variance from the ZBA because, as a result of the subdivision process, a road widening strip along Loder Road will be required and this will make the front yard setback for the existing home, which is about 60 years old, non conforming. In anticipation of the applicant’s appearance before the ZBA, Mr. Riina asked the Planning Board for a letter to the ZBA stating that it supported the variance. The board agreed to send the letter which will be drafted by the Planning Department. The two lots will share a relocated driveway which will be at the edge of the property line separating the two lots. In response to Ms. Kutter’s question about the requirement in the Tree Ordinance for a buffer between the two lots, Mr. Riina said that if buffering was needed, it could be placed on the abutting lot.

There were no public comments and the hearing was closed.

Planning Board, 2/13/2012

This is a two lot subdivision where one lot will contain the existing house and the other will have new construction.The lots are 1.25 and 1.75 ac.The wetlands on the site, which have been delineated, will be in the new construction lot after subdivision.Both lots have driveways onto Loder Rd, and an effort will be made to align the new driveway with the one on the opposite side of the road.The project meets zoning requirements, has Department of Health approval for the new septic and 100% expansion areas for both lots and the Conservation Board has walked the site.Conservation Board representative Patrick Francois asked if a conservation easement could be put in place to protect the wetland.The applicant said this was a possibility, but the easement line would be drawn so as to allow the homeowner access to part of the wetland buffer with a wetland permit.Rain gardens will be installed to treat run off from impervious surfaces.The Planning Board scheduled a site visit.