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Emerald Hills Subdivision (Kitchawan Road)

SBL: 69.19-1-3

1339 Kitchawan Road

Planning Board, 7-15-2013

The site’s stormwater plan continues to be a concern, both to the Conservation Board, but also to the owners of the site who are in contract to sell the land to the applicant but who also plan to retain ownership of some of the resulting lots.  According to Al Capellini who was representing the current owners, one of the proposed detention ponds is very close to one of the existing houses on the site that the owner plans to retain. According to the applicant, the location of the two major detention ponds is being dictated by the DEP and its requirements that the ponds be a fixed number of feet away from other water courses and septic fields. However, the applicant explained that he has a meeting scheduled with DEP for the following day and hoped that the agency would change of its initial ruling as to what constituted a “water course.” If the agency does change its mind, then the ponds could be redesigned and moved away from the house.  While the applicant was anxious to schedule the public hearing on the plan, Mr. Flynn said that a hearing was premature as the subdivision plan may change based on the DEP ruling.


The applicant is expected to return for the August work session, with the possibility that the application may be ready for a public hearing in September.


Planning Board, 6-2013

The applicant reviewed modifications to the site plan based on the Board’s earlier comments as well as DEP concerns.  The revised plan was referred to the fire inspector and the stormwater plan to the town engineer.

Planning Board, 4-8-2013

The applicant reported that the Recreation Commission wants money instead of any land set aside.  The Board asked the applicant to meet with the Town’s environmental consultant to review some stormwater  issues. Also there needs to be a new wetlands delineation as the previous one is no longer valid.


Subject to the above review, the applicant wants a general sense from the Board that it agrees with the proposed layout so that the applicant can begin preparing a stormwater and septic plans. The applicant wants to avoid the “Fieldhome issue” where the DEP doesn’t accept what the Town has accepted and the applicant has to “spin wheels” and go back to the drawing board.


Planning Board, 1-28-2013

(Due to inclement weather, the CIY observer was not able to attend the meeting.The following summary is based on the Planning Board’s own draft minutes.)

The revised plan calls for a 6 lot subdivision on septic systems, instead of the originally proposed 11 lots on a 30.88 acre parcel in an R1-80 zone. The applicant will review the possibility of asking to use the Town’s flexibility standards. The site includes an existing house and barn which will remain. In response to Mr.Tegeder’s question whether there would be a Home Owners Association or maintenance agreement to maintain the road, the applicant’s engineer said there would be one. Mr. Tegeder also reminded the applicant about the Town’s recreation requirements and the options that should be reviewed; the Recreation Commission will decide if active recreation is appropriate.The applicant and the Board will discuss all the options available.