Citizens for an Informed Yorktown


Planning Board

May 5, 2014


Attending:  Ann Kutter, John Savoca, John Flynn, Rich Fon


Regular Meeting


1. Crompond Crossing

Approved a 90 day extension of the amended plat.


2. Gione subdivision

Approved two 90-day extensions to allow bank to complete its review of conservation easement and road widening document.


3. Sierra Bella subdivision

Approved a 90-day extension. The applicant expects all approvals to be in place in a matter of days.


4. Arrowhead subdivision

With a letter from the DEP saying the agency had no issues with the subdivision, the board reapproved the 5-lot subdivision.


5. Faith Bible Church

Without any discussion, the board approved the special permit, wetlands permit, stormwater permit and tree removal permit for the building of the new church.


Prior to the vote, Mr. Riina showed the board a site plan for the Hudson Valley Credit Union indicating where the 22 parking spaces for the church will be located. The site plan will be appended to the bankís original site plan map as well as the license agreement between the bank and the church.


Work Session


6. Empire Hunan (Commerce St)

On a referral from the Zoning Board, the board reviewed plans to divide the existing space into a smaller restaurant with a new entrance on the side of the building, and two new retail stores, approximately  1,000 sf each, in the front of the building facing Commerce Street.


A variance is needed because of restrictions placed on a variance granted in 1995 when the building was converted to a restaurant from a post office.


The main issue was for discussion was the number of parking spaces. Where 70 spaces would be needed based on the new configuration, the plan only shows 52.   The original ZBA variance called for 60 spaces.  As no prospective tenants have been identified for the two retail spaces, it was not possible to judge potential parking needs and how the uses would overlap or differ from the restaurantís busy hours.  While there is no municipal parking in the area, there are other commercial lots. The board seemed to think that only time would tell what the parking needs might be for the smaller sized restaurant and whether reality would be different from paper requirements.


The board also decided that a formal site plan was needed; no site plan for the 1995 change in use has been located, although Mr. Flynn who was on the Zoning Board at the time, remembered that after the initial variance was granted there was a special permit. He though that perhaps records from that application might be available.

7. Sunoco Gas Station

(See April 21, 2014 meeting) Taken off the agenda.

Addition:  The CIY observer learned that shorty after the meeting had been adjourned, but before board members had left the room, the applicant appeared. The board was satisfied with the lighting plan and there were no other outstanding issues.