Summaries of Town Board Meetings by Subject

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Advisory boards
       Garbage contract
Building Department
Business Issues
Chamber of Commerce Street Festival (See Town-miscellaneous)
Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG):  See Housing
        Recycling Issues        Open Space Issues       Energy Issues     Stormwater Issues    Wetlands Issues
          Procurement Issues     Capital Projects     Budget Issues    2014 Budget     Foreclosure    Open Space Fund    Miscellaneous Issues
Fleet maintenance
Freedom of Information (FOIL)/Open Meetings

Jefferson Valley Mall
Legislation, miscellaneous
         Temporary COs      Building Permit Renewal Fees      Helistop/Changes in Approval Authority      Tree Ordinance      Zoning Code Changes
          Best Value Procurement Legislation      Noise issues      Accessory Structures      Affordable Housing         Landmark Preservation Law 
          Sustainable Energy Loan Program     Tax Installment legislation
    Fire lanes  
Parks & Recreation Department<
          Navajo Fields      Granite Knolls field & barn       Woodlands Legacy     Trail System     Shallow Creek
          Miscellaneous     Dog Park
Police Department
              Route 202        Baptist Church Road Reconstruction       Traffic Issues     Drainage Issues   Taconic Bridge Closing        Road Paving              Commerce  Street One-Way plan
Sober House (Compass Westchester). See Special Use Permits
        Youth Issues     Museum     Emergency notification     Bernstein House     Emergency generators
        Pinesbridge Monument     Street Fair    Community Day     YCCC     Garbage     Market   Cell Towers
        Dept. of Public Works     Fluoridation     Ethics Issues    Resident Concerns   Miscellaneous    Unsafe structures     Events signs    
        Group homes   Singage     Historic preservation     Digitizing town records     Highway garage project  Clothing bins
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Traffic issues (See Roads)
Water Department
Winery at St. George