Citizens for an Informed Yorktown

(The following online survey was conducted from March 17-April 9, 2016. The survey results are available in two formats:  Text summaryCharts. )

What should Yorktown do with an extra $1.5 million?


Itís not every day that Yorktown receives an unexpected one-time-only infusion of $1.5 million.


Last year, Yorktown received $1.5 million from Spectra Energy in exchange for allowing the company the temporary use of town parkland for the construction of its new pipeline


So far, our elected officials have been silent on what they plan to do with the $1.5 million. But many residents believe that the community should some input on how the money is used. 


Whatís your opinion? 

Would you save the $1.5 million or spend it? And if you want to spend it, for what project or projects?


To share your opinion with the Town Board, complete this very short, anonymous online survey, that's being hosted by Citizens for an Informed Yorktown..

When completed, CIY will forward the survey results to the Town Board.

Thank you in advance for interest in participating in this survey.

And please share this survey link with others so that as many residents as possible have an opportunity to provide input to the Town Board on this important issue.