Citizens for an Informed Yorktown



Planning Board

June 20, 2013


Attending: Richard Fon, John Kincart, John Flynn, John Savoca, Darlene Rivera, Ann Kutter


1. Creative Living

In an item not on the agenda, Al Capellini asked the Planning Board if it would change its July meeting schedule as he did not think his client would be ready for a public hearing on July 8; the Board meets only once in July and August. In an accommodation, the Board agreed to reschedule the meeting for July 15 and will advertise the public hearing for that date. If the applicant is not ready by the 15th, the applicant will reimburse the town for the cost of the advertisement.


2. Hilltop Associates

Jack Goldstein, the applicant’s engineer presented a sketch of a revised subdivision plan that enlarged the backyard for one of the two lots. The Planning Board appeared not to have any problems with the revisions. Most of the discussion centered on the applicant’s desire to do tree harvesting on the third “not to be built” lot in conjunction with tree removal that will be required to build out the two lots; once the two lots are developed, the third lot will become landlocked and inaccessible. A number of trees on the third lot were damaged during Hurricane Sandy.


At issue was the requirement in the Tree Ordinance for mitigation when tree removal exceeds a threshold and whether the two areas for removal should be considered separately or together.  The arborist representing the applicant will review the issue, gather more information about the extent of the proposed tree cutting and return to the Board.


3. Triangle Shopping Center

The applicant proposes to replace an existing landscaped strip separating the parking lot from the stores with different pavers. According to Romano Architects, the current strip is difficult to maintain.  The plan will keep the existing trees. The Board had no issue with the plan and asked the architect to explore the possibility of breaking up the “sea of concrete” at the other end of the strip near the yoghurt store.  The applicant will return July 15.


4. Emerald Hills

The applicant reviewed modifications to the site plan based on the Board’s earlier comments as well as DEP concerns.  The revised plan was referred to the fire inspector and the stormwater plan to the town engineer.


5. Dubovsky building

Engineer Joe Riina presented a more detailed plan. The outside of the building will be similar to the adjoining property.  The project is not large enough to require DEP review.


In respone to Mr. Flynn’s concern that the second floor of the rear barn could be turned into an illegal apartment, Mr. Dubovsky assured the Board that he had no intention of doing that . His plan calls for constructing a pole barn which, he said, would not have a foundation, and therefore could not be used for a residence. He would, however, like to install a bathroom in the building, and raise the height of the doors so that, in an accommodation to the neighbors, his vans cold be parked inside.


6. Yorktown Auto Body

The Board reviewed plans for an addition to the building and the creation of 12 additional parking spaces.


The applicant had already received approval for a corner addition to the existing building for a “spray shop” but after purchasing the lot to the rear of the site, he now plans to continue the addition back to the rear of the building. (He will begin construction on the approved addition while the Board reviews the new plan.) The amended site plan includes two parallel 9’ retaining walls in the rear of the site which will require a variance from the ZBA. The Board asked that the space between the two walls be landscaped. It was the Board’s hope that with the additional parking, cars now parked on the street would be brought on site.


7. Greenwood Street Culvert Repair

On a referral from the Town Board for a wetlands permit for the project, the Board had no comment.