Citizens for an Informed Yorktown


Planning Board

April 7, 2014


Attending:  Ann Kutter, John Savoca, John Flynn, Richard Fon, Darlene Rivera




1. Hilltop Hanover Farm

With no unresolved issues or questions, and no comments from the public, the board approved the revised plan the relocates the house on lot 23.


2. Yorktown Auto Body

With no unresolved issues or questions, and no comments from the public, the board approved the amended site plan.


3. Faith Bible Church, adjourned public hearing

Neither the Planning Board or the Planning Department had any questions for the applicant.


Evan Bray raised a series of questions in opposition to what he said was the size of the proposed new church, not the expansion, per se, including the applicant’s failure to fully comply with the public notification requirements, the adequacy of the off- site parking at the credit union site, the proposed location of the  sewer line, and the safety of erecting the new church while the existing building was still in use.  In each case, a member of the Planning Board  or a member of the church’s development team addressed the issue. When Mr. Bray’s comments dealt with ZBA related issues, he was reminded that the variance issues had been resolved and that pending a judicial overturn of the ZBA decision, the Planning Board had no choice but to accept a site plan based on the variances. 


At one point, Mr. Flynn noted that the board was there to listen to comments but not to debate or argue over points and Mr. Fon said that the board’s goal was to maintain the public trust and go “the extra mile” for both the applicant and the public when it review the plans, which he noted, have changed over time.   “We look out for all,” he said.


The church’s pastor advised the board that whatever its ultimate decision was on the site plan, the church had no intention of suing.


Tom Powers  of the credit union explained that  the 60 space parking lot is shared by both Celestial and the credit union and that, acting as good neighbors,  it really didn’t make any difference on whose space either St. Mary’s Church, which uses the site on Saturday and Sunday,  or Faith Bible parked.


The hearing was closed with a 10 day written coment period left open.



4. Lake Osceola Realty (future Mt. Kisco Medical Group Building on Hill Blvd)

On a referral from the ZBA, the board was asked to comment on the applicant’s variance request to permit a free standing sign were none is permitted in the country commercial zone.   The applicant wants to erect a 4 x 6 wood sign in the vicinity of the driveway into the site.


Mr. Tegeder questioned the need for the sign and noted that a similar request would also likely be made by the Lake Oseola plan moves forward.


While the upper portion of the building will be visible from Hill Blvd, the applicant explained that any sign on the building would not be visible from either Hill Blvd, or Route 6.  Mr. Savoca noted that elderly people not familiar with the area might need some signage to help them make sure they’ve arrived at the right location. It was noted that the sign at the existing Mt. Kisco Medical Group building on Commerce Street was smaller and used a monument design. But, it was noted, the building was situated very differently than the Hill Blvd. building.


At Mr. Savoca’s suggestion, the applicant will put up a “dummy”  4 x 6 piece of plywood at the location he desires so that the board members can assess the visual impact.


5. Crompond Crossing

The board will approve, by memo, a modification in the approved site plan that relocated some parking and a section of the sidewalk in the area of the town houses.  The applicant explained that the change was made necessary based on field conditions.


In response to questions  from the board, the applicant said that he was in negotiation with two possible tenants for the second commercial space on the site; both of which were restaurants.


 6. Staples Plaza

The item was taken off the agenda.