Citizens for an Informed Yorktown



Planning Board

March 11, 2015


Attending:  Jon Kincart, John Flynn, Rich Fon, Darlene Rivera




1. Arrowhead Subdivision

The board approved the first 90-day extension.  


Mr. OíKeefe advised the board that as soon as the snow melts, he will be doing the final clean up and hoped that this would be his last time before the board. Mr. Tegeder reminded him to notify the DEP and the town as soon as he begins work.


2. RCB Development

The board approved a second 90-day extension. Mr. Mastromonaco explained that because the Department of Health wanted a notation removed from the map, the change required other changes which has led to the delay. He hoped this would be his last request.


3. Fieldhome

The board reapproved the site plan. Mr. Riina explained that the applicant is still before the DEP and that once the agency requests one change, that change triggers the need for other changes that have to be reviewed.  He said the applicant has been before the DEP for 1Ĺyears.




4. BJís/Staples

Mr. Aiello presented a fourth version of the site plan for the restaurant that addressed the traffic flow issues discussed at the previous meeting. The board was generally satisfied with the changes that more clearly separated the flow between the proposed restaurant and Dunkin Donuts. 


The board asked Mr. Aiello to consider adding sidewalks to the plan and also more landscaping along Route 202 where the state put rip rap. 


The applicant also has to prepare stormwater and landscaping plans. Once a tenant has been signed, there may be changes to the building to meet the tenantís specific needs.


Explaining that construction on the two parts of the site plan, the gas pumps and the restaurant, would likely proceed at different times and that the gas pumps were likely to be ready to start construction first, Mr. Aiell0o asked the board to consider separating the site plan into phases in its approving resolution. Whichever phase started construction first, that phase would be responsible for the traffic light improvements which involve the installation of a new controller.  The actual phasing of the lights could be adjusted after the second phase was constructed and the new traffic flow evaluated.  The board had no problem with this split approach.


Mr. Aiello also advised the board that he had met with the developers of the proposed projects on the north side of Route 202 about making changes to the lanes.  Whatever changes are agreed to, he said they would be made incrementally as each project proceeded.


 5. Piturro subdivision(Hemlock Street & Radcliffe Drive)

In a pre-preliminary discussion Dan Ciarcia presented a plan for a 4-lot subdivision off a cul dísac on 7.5 acres in a half acre zone. This portion of Hemlock Street is a short spur off Radcliffe and is not connected to the lower portion of Hemlock Street.  Given grade and wetland issues, the board was not considering connecting the two sections of Hemlock, and it was suggested that to avoid confusion, the northern spur actually be renamed.  The houses would be sewered  and would request being added to the Peekskill Sanitary Sewer District, an issue, Mr. Ciacia explained that he had already discussed with the town engineer.


Mr. Ciarcia suggested to the board that a berm could be constructed in the rear wetland portion of the site that abuts town owned property as a way to retain water during heavy storm events. Since this would require some maintenance, it was suggested that this portion of the site be deeded to the town, a suggestion that the board appeared to agree with.


The consensus on the board was that the plan looked reasonable and Mr. Ciarcia will refine some of the details and return to the board.


6. Ryder Subdivision

(See Planning Board, 11/10/2014.) Mr. Ciarcia presented a revised plan he had worked out with Mr. Barber that was designed to take the land disturbance out of the wetland and limit it to the buffer area. The new plan shows septic expansion fields behind the two proposed houses. The fields would be used in the event the fields in front of the house werenít adequate. The sewage would have to be pumped up. The board asked Mr. Ciarcia to rework the entrance road to see if he could minimize the disturbance to the wetland.


7. V&S Construction

(See Planning Board, 2/23/2015.) While the sewer department has said it doesnít want landscaping around the pump station because it could restrict truck access, Mr. Tegeder advised that screening could be planted along Route 6 that would preserve the desired greenway look.  He didnít think that the roots from shrubs would compromise the buried sewer lines. There was also some discussion about the rear of the house facing Route 6 and whether windows or other treatments should be considered to soften the view from Route 6. Because the applicant now plans to level the site, the house could be built on a slab and there would be no exposed concrete wall facing Route 6. 


The applicant will meet with Mr. Tegeder and Mr. Mahoney of the Sewer Department to review landscaping plans.


8. Lake Osceola Square

Although not on the agenda, at the end of the meeting, Mr. Tegeder showed board members a copy of a 1970s Jefferson Valley Business District plan that called for pedestrian access along the lake and a town beach.


Board attorney Anna Georgiou advised the board that there is a statute that could limit liability for passive recreation around the lake where there was no direct supervision.  She will provide the board with more details.