Citizens for an Informed Yorktown



Planning Board

February 11, 2015


Attending:  John Kincart, John Savoca, John Flynn, Richard Fon, Darlene Rivera




1. DeCicco’s Marketplace

(See December 8, 2014.) Without any discussion, the board approved the special permit for the outdoor vending machines.


2.Gione Minor Subdivision

The board okayed a 90 day extension. The project is ready to have the plat signed.


3. Fieldstone Manor

The application is still before the Department of Health.  With Mr. Kinicart recusing himself (without stating a reason), the board approved a second 90-day extension.


4. BJ’s Wholesale Club/Public Informational Hearing

Attorney David Steinmetz advised the board that although a tenant hasn’t been secured yet for the proposed  new 3,000 square foot building, the preliminary plan includes a drive thru.  The applicant is still working through issues on the gas station canopy with ABACA.  The applicant is working out a few more details and will return to the board at the next work session prior to the scheduling of a public hearing.


The only person who spoke at the hearing was Ann Kutter. She asked the applicant to look at the condition of the internal sidewalks and also the phasing the traffic light that she said is causing backups across the street adjacent to Chase bank.





5. IBM Helipad

The two year permit is up for renewal.  A company representative ad vised the board that there were five fights in 2014, three of which carried passengers; the remaining two were for training. The permit allows up to 18 flights a year.   No complaints have been received

At its next meeting, the board will vote to renew  the permit for 5 years but will ask for yearly reports.


6. Crompond Terraces

Dan Ciarcia updated the board on changes made to the plan since the applicant’s last appearance before the board.


The applicant went over the scoping outline that had been presented to the Town Board and Philip Grealy, the traffic consultant, discussed what would be included in the traffic study.   The board’s attorney, Ms. Georgio, raised the issue of possible segmentation because there would be two separate SEQRA reviews, one for the rezoning and a second for the site plan, but the general sense was that the rezoning plan would take a “global” look and the subsequent site plan would deal with the “devil is in the detail” issues.


The board did ask the applicant to add a color coded plan to the scoping documents that would show the pedestrian network in the area.


The board appeared to like the suggestion that the commercial portion should be rezoned to C2-R instead of C-2.


Mr. Savoca expressed concern for the homeowners who recently purchased townhouses at Crompond Crossing expecting that the abutting property would be developed at half acre zoning density where multi family density is now planned. In response, Mr. Flynn noted that the buyers could have looked at the Comprehensive Plan which called for a Crompond hamlet in the Bear Mountain Triangle area.


The board will send a letter to the Town Board.


7. Stony Street Subdivision

Mr. Ciarca presented a pre-preliminary plan for a 13 lot subdivision.  The board had some issues with two lots planned closest to Stony street; the backs of the houses would face Stony and because of the grade and would have a negative visual impact on the street.  Mr. Tegedger asked Mr. Ciarcia to look at different layouts. As with an earlier plan, access would be from High Point Dr and Shelley St.


8. Colangelo Subdivision

The board reviewed a pre-preliminary plan to subdivide the24+ acre parcel into three lots; two of which would be exclusively for houses while the third lot would include a house and the remaining area which would be used for farming.  The farming area would be divided up into seven 4+ acre lots to be cleared and converted for farm use on a phased basis.  The type of farming has not been determined. The owner would likely apply for the parcel to become an “agricultural district” which has tax and land use implications.


The applicant is asking for permission to develop the site using the “large lot clustering” provision in the zoning code; this will require Town Board approval.  If developed under conventional zoning, the parcel, located in a

R-160 zone (4 acre zoning) could result in six building lots.


The parcel is located at the end of Catherine Street at Jacob Road.


The board considered this a “creative” use of the land that would not overburden the area and will send a letter to the Town Board in support of the clustering option.


9. Mohegan Rezoning from Office to Commercial

The board will recommend in favor of the rezoning.  Mr. Tegeder explalinaed that the original change to office use was intended to “chill” development along Route 6. However, he said, some Town Board members felt that the rezoning to office use was flawed, espec ially given the relatively small size of the parcels.  The board considered a change to C-2 which has a lower intensity of use but decided to support the C-3 zoning as it followed the existing zoning pattern in the area.


10. Prebeck subdivision

(See Planning Board, 8/12/2013.) The issue of how to ‘abandon” a subdivision remained unresolved with no progress ha ving taken placae since the last time the issue was brought up.  The attorney will look into the issue.