Citizens for an Informed Yorktown


Planning Board

December  9, 2013


Attending: John Savoca, Darlen Rivera, John Flynn, Richard Fon


Regular session


1. Hilltop Associates

As a condition of reapproval, the approving resolution will require the applicant to provide a letter to the Planning Department stating that there are so significant changes from the original SEQRA findings. Mr. Capellini said he hadn’t thought the letter was necessary, as it was assumed that by reducing the number of lots from three to two, the environmental impact of the application had been reduced. However, he agreed to the condition.


2. Yorktown Farms

The Board approved a change in the elevation for one lot.


3. Creative Living/Navajo Fields

The Board unanimously approved the site plan for the dome over the south field.  Before construction can begin, the applicant will need a DEC wetlands permit. The applicant must also meet all state and town codes. The approving resolution includes provisions for ongoing inspections and reports during the construction phase. The resolution notes that as per a memo from the building inspector, the dome is being constructed “as of right.”


In accord with earlier DEC requirements, the “greenhouse” between the two fields must be relocated to the parking lot area by the end of May, 2014.


The only point of contention in the resolution dealt with the location of a road in the space where the greenhouse currently is and which will provide fire truck access to the north field.  Mr. Capellini wanted somewhat looser language that would have given the applicant some leverage (or, as Mr. Flynn characterized it, “bargaining chips”) in negotiating with the DEC over possible wetlands mitigation. He also wanted the shift authority to modify the plan, if necessary, to the Town Board.  The Planning Board, however, not wanting to leave the location of the road up to the DEC, held firm to the original language in the draft resolution which was based on the recommendation of the town’s environmental consultant.  


4. Stormwater retrofit project at police building site

The Board opened and closed the public hearing and approved the revised site plan.


5. Fieldstone Manor Subdivision

The Board opened the public hearing on the proposed 21 lot subdivision.  In addition to the applicant’s team making presentations explaining the project (see previous meeting notes), the only comments from the public  (made by the CIY observer) dealt with the portion of the site that was to be given to the town for recreation and open space purposes. The speaker wanted to know if there were specificationis governing the construction of the gravel road leading into the tennis courts and basketball court from Lexington Ave that will be up to the town to maintain. Also, the speaker asked the Board to consider if the open space parcel should be deeded to the town outright or restricted with a conservation easement. She suggested that the Board ask the Town Board if it had any preference.


Because the applicant’s traffic study is still being reviewed by the town’s traffic consultant, the hearing was adjourned and will likely be reconvened on January 13.


Two of the 21 units will be affordable units as required under town code.



Work Session


5. Gione Minor Subdivision

The subdivision plan for this previously approved 2 log subdivision has to be reopened, and revised because the bank holding the mortgage insists that each of the two lots be at least one acre.  The applicant’s engineer, Joe Riina, showed the Board a possible adjustment in the lot lines that would accommodate both the bank and the town’s wetlands concerns. He will return to the Board with a revised map.


6. BJ’s Propane Facility

Withdrawn from the agenda due to a scheduling conflict.


7. Comstock Residential Contracting/13 lot subdivision off Stony St.

This was a pre-preliminary application discussion by a new applicant for a parcel previously discussed by the Board. See below. The current applicant is a “contract vendee” for the site.


Two alternative plans were presented, both for 13 lots, and  both with access from an extension of High Point Drive. Other possible connections into the subdivision could be from opening up the existing cul d’sacs on S. Shelley and/or Sunny. There would be no access from Stony Street.  The Planning Board was aware of the fact that any plan that opened up the cul d’sacs would be controversial.


One of the 13 lots, in either layout, would be in the wetland  buffer, but to a different degree


After making a site visit, the Board will give the applicant more feedback before the applicant submits a formal application.


8. Shell Station Canopy

On a referral from the Town Board, the Planning Board had a brief discussion of the request. Its overriding concern was that the entire site needed to be upgraded. There was also concern that one of the curb cuts on Commerce Street was too close to the traffic light at Kear Street.


Board members will individually visit the site and the Board will discuss the plan again prior to giving a recommendation to the Town Board for the scheduled January public hearing.


Closed Session

The Board went into closed seccsion to discuss Faith Bible Church