Planning Board



Attending: John Kincart, William LaScala, Rich Fon, Aaron Bock


1. 387 Granite Springs Road

(See Planning Board 5-4-2020.) The applicant reviewed the mitigation plan. A total of 20 trees will be removed and 43 news ones planted, many in the buffer, plus 13 shrubs, mainly around the stream.  The application will be the subject of a Public Informational Hearing on June 22 if the public notice can go out in time.  The board will send a memo to the ZBA in support of the variance. After the public hearing, the application will be on hold at the Planning Board pending the ZBA decision.


2. Atlantic Appliance

Steve Marino walked the board through a revised tree mitigation plan that includes a series of measures including planting 107 new trees (125 trees are to be removed), planting 122 shrubs, installing deer fencing, invasive removal and installing a green roof on a portion of the building’s roof. The green roof was mitigation for disturbing the woodland which he described as having “nominal habitat value” but which does provide some benefits.


The board rejected the Tree Commission’s recommendation that the mitigation plan also include a payment into the Tree Fund and felt that the package of mitigation measures was sufficient. On Mr. Bock’s suggestion, the board’s eventual approval resolution will acknowledge the TCAC suggestion about the monetary contribution but indicate that the package of other mitigation measures was sufficient to meet the Tree Law’s requirements.  The board reasoned that mitigation was not just “counting trees” but was taking a holistic view of the entire site. It was also noted that the TCAC memo did not take into consideration the shrubs that were to be planted and that the Tree Law did not require a 1 to 1 replacement for removed trees.


Some slight revisions to the site plan  have been made based on ABACA input; the applicant is still waiting to receive color samples. The applicant will be before the ZBA for a hearing on a variance request 6/25.


3. 1961 Commerce Street

The board went into special session to go over a few revisions to the plan including the addition of a landscaped area at the corner of Veterans Rd and Commerce Street, the addition of two planters on Veterans Road, and sidewalk improvements on Veterans Road and leading to the front and rear entrances to the building.  As a condition of approval, the applicant will be asked to leave a “well” in the Veterans Rd sidewalk in the event trees are planted at a future date.   


The board approved a neg dec, stormwater permit and amended site plan with the understanding that the Planning Department can work out final details with the applicant.


4. Taco Bell, Route 202

The applicant reviewed minor changes to the plan suggested by ABACA dealing with signage and the Conservation Board regarding landscaping.  Based on additional information about the previous tenant’s water usage and the anticipated new usage, the applicant advised the board that the town engineer has no issue with the sewer capacity.  The plan calls for three outdoor tables in front of the store and the board would like to see bollards or other barriers from Route 202.  The Planning Department will calculate the parking needs and based on its findings the applicant may or may not have to go to the ZBA for a variance.  The board was also concerned about when the stormwater line would have to be inspected as part of the maintenance agreement with the town. After some back and forth, and taking into consideration the history of problems at the site, it was decided to put off making any changes to the draft agreement pending DEP requirements which might be more restrictive than the five years included in the draft.


A public hearing will be scheduled.


5. Par 3/Shallow Creek/Parking plan

The applicant did not appear/participate in the meeting but Mr. Tegeder advised the board that the applicant had submitted a new parking plan. He said that he would provide the board with a review of the plan for its next meeting. The board had no information on any other updates to the  plan.