Planning Board

May 4, 2020


Attending: John Kincart, John Savoca, William LaScala, Rich Fond, Aaron Bock


regular meeting


1. Correia, East Main Street, Jefferson Valley/ Adjourned Public Informational Hearing

The board reconvened the hearing. There were no additional comments. The hearing was closed


2. Nantucket Sound, Kear Street/Adjourned Public Informational Hearing

Susan Siegel, the person writing this summary, raised several questions including: access to the site and turning capabilities for fire and garbage trucks and connections to the Caremount lot.  She also questioned the apparent lack of setback requirements for the site’s C2-R zone and any requirement in the zoning code for open space or recreational facilities for mixed use buildings.  The hearing was closed.


Work Session


3. Nestle Waters, Route 202

(See Planning Board 4-27-2020.) The applicant presented a revised lighting plan that had been worked out in conjunction with the Planning Department  in order to minimize any light spillover to the nearby residences. The applicant also advised the board that it would replace the chain link fence with a more attractive fence.  The board was pleased with the changes and applicant’s willingness to work with the town.  The board’s attorney will review an approving resolution which may be ready for the board’s next meeting.


4. Featherbed (Colangelo) subdivision

Mr. Riina advised the board that changes would be needed in the town’s sewer code in order to accommodate the applicant’s plans for a low pressure sewer system that would involve the town assuming responsibility to maintain the low pressure line in the private road and the connection on Catherine Street to the existing manhole. He said that the emergency generator would likely to be sized to include the other electrical needs in each of the houses.  He said that one pump for all six lots was not technically feasible. The board had no issues with the plan and anticipates receiving the draft amendments to the sewer code before taking any additional actions.


5. 387 Granite Springs Road

(See Planning Board 2-24-2020.)  The applicant presented a revised plan that addressed the board’s earlier comments.  The location of a possible pool in the rear yard was shown on the plan and the western half of the parcel was delineated as a conservation easement.  The applicant reviewed proposed wetland and tree mitigation, the latter involving removing about 10 trees and planning new ones. The wetland mitigation includes planting shrubs in the wetland area and doing some stream stabilization. Mr. Tegeder asked the applicant to more clearly delineate which mitigation measures were for trees and which for wetlands.  The board will support the applicant’s request for a variance that will be required based on the latest location of the house which will have a front porch and a “farmlike” look.  The applicant advised the board that he intends to purchase a vacant lot across from the current site and build a similar looking house. 


As part of the discussion, but having nothing to do with the application, there was a brief discussion about stone walls and whether there was any town code that required existing walls be retained when the parcel was developed.  Mr. Tegeder advised the board that there was no law that prohibited the removal but that during the approval process the board would work with the property owner to assess whether some of the walls could and/or should be kept.


6. Crystal Court Minor Subdivision, Crystal Court

(See Planning Board 12-16-2019.) The applicant advised the board that based on a new plan an additional 40 or so trees will have to be removed. The applicant is aware that he will have to provide mitigation but so far has not prepared a plan.  The board will arrange a site visit with the Conservation Board.  Mr. Tegeder also noted that some “cleaning up” needed to be done with the line delineating the conservation easement and Mr. Bock advised the board that the Yorktown Land Trust was interested in taking over the easement.   Mr. Tegeder also advised the applicant to show more space for backyards for some of the lots.  The applicant did a Phase 1 archeological study that found no issue.


7. Lighting Code/Town Board Referral

(See Town Board 4-28-2020). The board had no problem with the proposed amendments.


8. 320 Illington Road/Town Board stormwater permit referral

(See Town Board 4-28-2020). The applicant reviewed the plan with the board, noting that when information about dead and/or missing trees was reviewed, fewer trees than originally shown would have to be removed.  The applicant is also still reviewing the amount of money he would contribute to the Tree Bank Fund as part of meeting his mitigation requirement that covered both lost trees and disturbance to the woodland.   The board generally was pleased with the plan.