Planning Board

April 9, 2018


Attending: John Kincart, John Savoca, William LaScala, Rich Fon, Anthony Tripodi




1. Faith Bible Church, Mohegan Avenue

Mr. Riina advised the board that some demolition has been done and the parking area expanded by about 1/3. Construction is delayed while the church continues raises funds.  The board approved the first 1-year extension.


2. Fieldhome, Catherine Street

The board reapproved the site plan approved in 2012.


3. Adrian Auto Body

The board approved the first 1-year extension


4. Hearthstone Minor Subdivision, Adjourned public hearing

The board opened and closed the hearing that had to be adjourned due to a legal issue involving the notice reqirement. There was no discussion about the proposal. A 10 day written comment period was left open.




6. Anderson Minor Subdivision, Croton Lake Road

(See Planning Board 1/22/2018 and 2/26/2018.) Based on the informal site visit that some members of the board made, there was a consensus in support of the new plan.  Because the plan requires a side yard variance, the applicant will apply to the ZBA for an anticipated hearing in late May. In the meantime, the Planning Board will schedule a Public Informal Hearing on the plan for its first meeting in May.


7. RPG Properties, Lexington Avenue

The applicant returned to the board to discuss some modifications to the plan. Based on conversations with the Town of Cortlandt, the sewer connection will be a force main to Yorktown’s connection at West St. The DOH will require that the force main be owned and maintained by the town; an agreement will have to be worked out between the town and the developer that protects the town. The applicant also has had to add additional infiltration at the front of the parcel along Lexington Avenue to stop any potential surface overflow onto Lexington Avenue.


The applicant is still working on the details of the water connection with Cortlandt officials.


Planning Department staff advised the board that certain details on the plans that were being reviewed by the Building Department prior to obtaining a building permit differed from the site plan approved by the board.  And the facades on the latest rendering of the buildings differed from the rendering approved by the Town Board as part of the rezoning resolution. After Mr. Tegeder and the applicant discussed the pros and cons of the different facades, Mr. Tegeder advised the applicant to return to the façade recommended by ABACA.


8. Prestige Renovations, Buckhorn Street

(See Planning Board 1/22/18 and 2/12/2018.) Mr. Fon recused himself.  The applicant is waiting for DEC to verify the wetlands delineation. The discussion focused on the ownership of the vacant parcels adjoining the site; one parcel is owned by a bank. Mr. Kincart suggested modifying the proposed lot lines to create a “neater” look. Also to be cleared up is the future access over an existing right-of-way. The applicant will return for another work session discussion before a public hearing is scheduled.


9. Ianuzzi subdivision, Baptist Church Road

Both the applicant and the board were unclear as to why the town engineer sent a recent memo questioning several aspects of the plan ranging from survey issues to stormwater. The board saw no reason why it should revisit engineering issues that had been reviewed and resolved by the previous acting town engineer when it previously approved the subdivision plan.  Maintaining the stormwater facilities will be the responsibility of each homeowner; Mr. Kincart asked that the maintenance for the on-site culvert be added to the homeowners’ responsibilities in order not to create runoff onto Baptist Church Road.


10. Shrub Oak International School, Stoney Street

The applicant returned to the board to discuss some modifications to the previously approved plan. The presentation appeared to be based on an earlier meeting the applicant had with the Planning Department and possibly a board member. (Note: As the applicant referred to plans as it walked the board through the changes, the public was not able to see the plans. As a result, the details of the changes, especially the locations, are sketchy.)  


The applicant is dividing the project into two phases; phase I will accommodate 55 students and will basically follow the previously approved plan (although not all the proposed new parking will be constructed), with changes to fencing and lighting. The applicant is working on the photometric details of the lighting changes. A public hearing will be scheduled  for May 7. Phase 2, which involves land in the Croton watershed, will require some changes to the approved site plan to allow for the relocation of the barn, the construction of a horse arena structure adjacent to the barn, changing the access road to the town park, and modifications to the existing houses on the site; an existing two family house will be renovated to a single family unit and an existing single family house will be demolished and a new 2-family house built.  A public hearing on phase 2 will be held at a future date on the phase 2 revisions to the plan.


The applicant advised the board that the cross on the top of the building  and other remaining religious artifacts will be donated.


11. Hill Boulevard Diner

(See Planning Board 3-12-2018 and 3-26-2018. ) Having made a site visit, Mr. Fon said his overriding concern was that the dumpsters and sheds in the rear of the building did not conform to the approved site plan. He advised the applicant to clean up these issues before the board addressed the issue of the number of parking spaces which he felt would not be an issue.  The applicant said she was working with the carting company to consolidate some of the existing dumpsters. But she added that she did not know about the illegal sheds that were used by her tenant; the only tenant mentioned was the restaurant.  Mr. Tegeder advised her to speak with her tenants and review their storage needs; if the restaurant needed more space, the existing site plan could either be modified to allow for a shed (although that would eliminate some parking spaces), of the restaurant might have to use some space slated for the adjoining diner. Mr. Fon questioned whether the Department of Health would allow outside storage of food.