Planning Board

January 22, 2018


Attending: John Kincart, John Savoca, William LaScala, Richard Fon, Anthony Tripodi, Robert Garrigan


1. Alampur Professional Office, Syska Road

(See Planning Board, 1/8/2018.) Based on a site visit, Mr. Tegeder and the architect worked out a parking plan for the existing driveway that avoids backing up into the street. Mr. Tegeder advised the board that no additional landscaping was needed.  The board agreed to send a memo to the ZBA indicating it has no issue with the special permit application.


2. Anderson Minor subdivision, 1695 Croton Lake Road (Route 129)

The owners want to subdivide a 15.72 acre parcel in a 2 acre zone so that they can build a new, smaller house for themselves on a 5 acre lot and sell their existing house on the remaining portion of the land.  Given the parcel’s location abutting the reservoir and required DEP and town zoning setbacks, plus other natural constraints, the challenge was carving out a smaller lot that satisfied the constraints. The remaining issue is how to situate the house so that it takes advantage of the views and addresses side, rear and front yard requirements. The board will conduct a site visit.


3. 2040 Greenwood Street

Mr. Riina explained that in response to comments at the public informational hearing and the Conservation Board, the building has been relocated and the size of the gravel parking lot reduced.  The property owner still has no tenant and may not actually construct the building until he does.  Mr. Riina explained that once the layout is set, his office will work out more details and will look at potential traffic impact. The board asked him to provide elevations of the proposed building, likely a butler style metal building, so that the board can determine the extent of any screening that might be needed.


4. Galllinelli Minor Subdivision, Quinlan Street

(See Planning Board, 1/8/2018.)  Mr. Riina advised the board that the applicant does not have rights to connect to the sewer easement in the rear of the abutting property; any future sewer connection will be from the current manhole, approximately 300 yards away, at the intersection of Ogden and Quinlan. Most of the discussion focused on whether there should be two separate driveways or just one in order to reduce the number of curb cuts. The board ultimately decided on what would look like two driveways but which would utilize a single apron at the curb.  A public hearing will be held on February 12.


5. Prestige Renovations Minor Subdivision, Buckhorn St

(See Planning Board, 12-18-2017.)  Mr. Fon recused himself.  The major focus of the discussion was how to demarcate the wetland buffer in the rear yards in order to preclude any future major use such as a swimming pool. Options include a split rail fence or more permanent monuments. There was also a discussion about the ownership of an abutting vacant parcel that could possibly be combined with an easement across the rear yards to provide access to the Taconic  Trail at the end of Buckhorn Street. A pubic informational hearing will be held February 12.


6. Fiore Minor Subdivision, Carr Court

The owner wants to subdivide a 1.13 acre parcel in a half acre zone to allow for the construction of a second house. The parcel has public sewers and water.  Although the original plat (map) for the subdivision dating back to the 1960s showed the parcel as two separate lots, the lot line goes through the existing house.   Given the physical constraints of the site, the applicant was asked to return to the board with some alternate plans for siting the second house, its driveway and access to the cul d’sac.


7. Fieldhome, Catherine Street. Jacob Street

At the request of the anticipated purchaser of the Holy Comforter Nursing Home, the applicant is requesting a lot line adjustment that would “clean up” several cross easements  on the Fieldhome Expansion site plan approved in 2012 that involved the nursing home, the original Field Home and the proposed new independent living facility, the plans for which have been shelved.  Mr. Riina explained that the eventual plan is to apply for a formal subdivision of the property that will separate the various uses on the site.