Planning Board



Attending: John Kincart, John Savoca, William LaScala, Rich Fon, Robert Garrigan




1. Fieldstone Manor Major Subdivisioni, Strawberry Road

In a 4-0 vote with Mr. Kincart recusing himself, the board approved the first 90 day extension. The applicant said he expected to  pay the required fees and get a bond shortly which will pave the way for filing the subdivision plan.


2. Stahmer Minor Subdivision, Birdsall Drive

(See Planning Board, 12-4-2017.) The board postponed voting on a draft decision statement in order to review correspondence it has received just prior to the meeting from several outside agencies as well as town departments.  The board did, however, entertain a brief discussion of the proposed bonding requirements in the draft approval resolution;  it was the applicant’s position that as the property owner would be selling off the lots that were likely to be developed over time by the new owners, the current owner should not be responsible for posting a performance bond for construction that would likely be delayed. He argued that a bond should be posted by the new owners as plans for each lot were submitted.


3. Prestige Renovations Minor Subdivision, Buckhorn Street/Public Informational Hearing

(See Planning Board 1-22-2018.) Mr. Fon recused himself. The plan now includes setting aside a 35’ strip totaling about 11,000 sf across the rear of both lots that will connect two vacant  parcels; it was not clear if both parcels were currently owned by the town. The plan will satisfy the applicant’s recreation fee requirement. The plan also includes a conservation easement covering the wetland and wetland buffer area.  In response to a question from Susan Siegel, the person writing this summary, as to whether the wetland delineation has been reviewed and confirmed by the town (a standard practice), Mr. Tegeder said that it hadn’t although the town does have a contract with a consultant to provide this service.  The public informational hearing was closed.


4. Gallinelli Minor Subdivision, Quinlan Street, Public Hearing

(See Planning Board, 1-22-2018.) The hearing was opened and closed without any public comment although a five day written comment period was left open. The applicant explained the revised plan with the shared driveway.




5. Fiore Minor Subdivision, Carr Court

(See Planning Board, 1-22-2018.) Mr. Riina presented an alternative plan but Mr. Kincart made a suggestion for a further revision. The board will schedule a Public Informational Hearing.


6. Harwood Place, ZBA referral

(See Town Board 5-9-2017.) After the Town Board rezoned the property R-3 on 10-3-2017, the applicant applied to the ZBA for variances to legalize the existing six units,. As the Planning Board had no issue with the initial rezoning, it had no issue with legalizing the variances. A memo will be sent to the ZBA.


7. Gulf Gas Station, Route 202/ Town Board referral

(See Town Board 1-23-2018, 11-14-2017.) The applicant’s representative explained that at the last minute he had been advised that a portion of the proposed revamped convenience store building might be used as a repair shop. As this would change vehicle access issues, the board asked for more details. It also wanted more information about the turning radius for refueling trucks that reflected the additional pumping islands.  Mr. Tegeder will advise the Town Board that the Planning Board needs more time to review the application prior to a public hearing.


8. Mobil Gas Station, Route 118/ Town Board Referral

(See Town Board 1-23-2017.) There was no discussion as no representative for the applicant was present.  Mr. Tegeder will advise the Town Board that the Planning Board needs more time to review the application prior to a public hearing.


9. Jefferson Village Wetlands Permmits/Town Board Referral

(See Town Board 1-23-2018.) The board had no issue with the application and will so notify the Town Board.