Planning Board

February 26, 2018


Attending: Robert Garrigan, William LaScala, Rich Fon




1. Ianuzzi subdivision, Baptist Church Road

The board approved the first 90 day time extension pending final approval of legal documents, including the maintenance agreement.


2. Stahmer subdivision, Birdsall Drive

(See Planning Board, 2-12-2018.) The applicant made some minor revisions to the plan based on feedback from the outside agencies. The board approved the subdivision plan, stormwater and tree permits with the provision that the applicant will have to return to the board if there are any changes in the subdivision plan at the time any of the lots are developed. Also, the performance bond will be required for each lot at the time of the building permit application.   


courtesy of the floor


3. Audi building, East Main Street, Mohegan Lake

Joe Riina of Site Design Consultants advised the board that the owner will be submitting an application for an expansion of the building on the abutting vacant lot at the corner of East Main Street and Lakeland Avenue. To be resolved with the building inspector is whether the vacant lot, currently zoned C-3, will need to be rezoned to comply with the C-4 zoning of the existing building.


4. Kear Street

Referencing the new building on Kear Street and the attention the board gave to the appearance of the front of the buildding during the approval process, Geri Schwalb asked the board to consider the appearance of the rear and sides of buildings in future reviews as these sides are also visible.



work session


5. Greenwood Street

Traffic consultant Phil Grealy advised the board that the likely additional traffic from the proposed 6,000 sf industrial building would likely generate about 10-15 additional cars in peak hour, a relatively insignificant increase given the current 280 trip count.  He did, however, note that changes might have to be made at the intersection of Greenwood and Veterans Road. Noting that the board should be sensitive to the public’s concern about traffic, Mr. Fon suggested that the board meet with the Highway Department  and other town officials to review possible changes, including signage, a possible 4-way stop sign and stripping.  Mr. Grealy also indicated that some vegetation clearing might be needed in the vicinity of the proposed driveway in order to improve sight distance. 


6. Colangelo subdivision, Jacob Road

The applicant showed a revised plan that dedicates a portion of the site abutting the Hunterbrook to the town that meets the recreation fee component, plus a path through the site from Jacob Road to the rear parcel that will be donated as an easement to the Westchester Land Trust.  The path will border the large parcel to be developed for a future agricultural use. Together, the two parcels total 5.6 acres. Mr. Tegeder advised the applicant that the board will need to hear from the Westchester Land Trust that it is agreeable to the plan. He also suggested that the easement be given jointly to the Westchester Trust and the Yorktown Land Trust in order to protect the town’s interest in the event the Westchester Trust ever withdraws from the region.


7. Lowes

While waiting for final sign offs from the Dept. of Health and DOT, the applicant requested the Planning Board sign the site plan so that it could get a building permit. The issue the board wants resolved before signing the site plan is the town’s approval of a maintenance agreement with Lowes regarding the site’s water mains; the DOH wants the system to be public, but the town wants to make sure that any future problems with any parts of the system are paid for by Lowes and not the taxpayers in the water district.  According to Mr. Tegeder, the town attorney is reviewing a draft agreement that was prepared last year by Lowes; he indicated that heavy revisions to the draft are anticipated.  The applicant was advised to work with Mr. Tegeder and the town attorney to resolve the issue.


8. Anderson minor subdivision, Croton Lake Road

(See Planning Board 1-22-2018.) Mr. Ciarcia showed a revised plan that changed the driveway.  Board members will conduct another site visit, either as a group or individually.


9. Crompond Terraces, Old Crompond Road

After more than a year’s hiatus, due in part to the death of one of the principals, the applicant returned to the board with the intention of submitting a new application.  Given what he called the speculative nature of the office/retail market, the applicant said he plans to hold off on the proposed commercial part of the original plan and proceed only with the residential portion. Although starting from where the plan left off in 2016, the applicant indicated some willingness to modify the original plan and asked for input from the board as to how it might like to see the site developed. Mr. Fon advised the applicant to review the board’s previous discussions which focused on the board’s concern that the entire site would be disturbed.  He suggested possibly a cluster approach and/or different building types that would disturb less of the 16 acres zoned for multi family use.  The applicant indicated he was considering rentals for some of proposed units, but no specific ideas were brought forward. He repeated that there were 120 units in the original proposal.


10. 3451 Crompond Road gas station (Gulf)

(See Planning Board 2-12-2018.)  The applicant presented new drawings that showed an appropriate turning radius around the pumps but Mr. Te3geder suggested an alternative layout for better all around traffic flow. The board still wants to see a survey of the property because portions of the proposed site plan are on state property; the applicant said he had letters from the DOT giving its okay to use the state land.)


The board advised the applicant to come up with a more attractive fencing option than a chain link fence with slats for the rear portion of the property and also to meet with Mr. Tegeder to go over what documents are needed at subsequent meetings so as not to waste everyone’s time.


The applicant advised the board that while he is only working on the revised building, canopy and pump islands, another consultant will be preparing a plan to install new gas tanks.  The applicant was advised that the two consultants should work together on their submissions.


11. Mobil Gas station, Saw Mill River Road

(See Town Board 1-23-2018.) Michael Picirrillo, the applicant’s architect, explained that the reason for the project’s delay was due to figuring out a way to handle the site’s drainage issue that was complicated by the presence of a town sewer line.


Although the board did not anticipate any increased traffic flow from the site, it did ask the applicant to provide in/out traffic counts, plus a landscaping and lighting plan that carried through the existing streetscape on Commerce Street.


During the discussion, Mr. Picirillo advised the board that he is also the architect for the proposed change in the Roma Building as well as the Pure Salon building opposite the entrance to the Triangle Shopping Center that is planning to demolish the existing building and erect a new building.  This prompted the board to suggest that Mr. Picirillo could coordinate design aspects of the three plans as his work will play a major role in shaping the future of the intersection.