Citizens for an Informed Yorktown



Planning Board

March 14, 2016


Attending: John Kincart, John Savoca, Richard Fon, Darlene Rivera


Regular Session


1. Fieldstone Manor (Strawberry Road)

The board okayed a second 90-day extension to give the applicant more time to finalize all the details of the conservation easement and deeds giving certain parcels to the town.


The applicant, who will retain ownership of the manor house, will also retain ownership of the interior roads, the tower, trails and the pond, in partnership with a homeowner’s association.


2. Arrowhead subdivision(Underhill Avenue)

The board approved the Phase II Plat and amended easement map. In response to a question from John Schroeder of the Yorktown Land Trust, it was explained that the amended plans did not change the earlier plan that included a donation to 10 acres to the town that abut Turkey Mountain. Five acres had previously been donated to the town.


The Town Board will have to accept the deed and conservation easement.


3. Bonsignore subdivision, Hunterbrook Road’

(See Planning Board. 2-22-2016.)  The board approved the 3-lot subdivision.


4. Orchard View subdivision, Sherry Drive:  Public Informational Hearing

Members of the board indicated that they had walked the site with the applicant.


The applicant gave a brief explanation of the project that includes locating the stormwater facility under the cul d’sac.  Based on a review of existing documents, the applicant noted that it was the town’s responsibility to maintain the onsite detention pond; the plan provides access to the pond from Sherry Drive. While there will be on site grading, the applicant said that no fill will be removed from the site; the fill will all be used elsewhere on the site. Additional landscaping will be added to screen abutting properties on the west side of the site.


In response to previous comments, the applicant showed two alternate plans, each with 10 lots, but explained that the proposed 9-lot plan was a better use of the site.


A 26 year resident from Sherry Drive opposed the project on the grounds that it would dramatically change the character of the street which is currently a dead end.  He also cited ground water issues. He was advised to continue monitoring the project as it progressed through the approval process.


The board agreed to begin the SEQRA process and refer out the project for comment to various town advisory boards.


Work Session


5. Blumberg subdivision, Baptist Church Road

Having received the needed variances from the ZBA, the applicant wants to proceed with the two lot subdivision: one 30.852 acre lot that will include the existing main residence and a 12.749 lot which will include the farm structures and a residence. It was explained that no improvements are planned and that the subdivision was being done for estate planning purposes.


A Public Informational Hearing will be held in April.


6. JCPC Holdings, Front Street

With the applicant, Town Board and Planning Board in general agreement on the off-site mitigation plan (see below), a Public Informational Hearing will be held in April.


As explained by Bruce Barber, all that remains to be decided is the amount of “new” wetlands to be created surrounding the forebay and what portion of the wetlands creation will be the responsibility of the applicant, either by creating the wetlands now or putting a sum of money into a fund to be used at a future date when the forebay may be integrated into a larger EOH stormwater retrofit project. It was roughly estimated that a 12,000 sf wetlands could be created at a cost of approximiately $60,000, or $1.00 to $1.50/sf.


7. Marathon Development, Kear Street

It was reported that before it renders a decision on the needed front yard setback variance, the ZBA is requesting more information from the Planning Board on the project’s anticipated traffic generation. As explained by Anna Georgiou who serves as counsel to both the ZBA  and the Planning Board,, the ZBA needs that information in order to make a determination of significance.


Mr. Riina indicated that the site would generate approximately 80 trips daily, based on a mix of residential, office and retail use. The peak number would change on the weekends, depending on whether the commercial space was office or retail.


Mr. Tegeder said he would transmit the numbers to the ZBA and that he did not see the traffic generation as resulting in a significant impact.


8. New restaurant at 3787 Crompond Road (Route 202, adjacent to the Verizon building)

The applicant, Stephen Brophy, plans to lease the site currently used as a used car lot and transform the existing building into a sandwich shop with the eventual goal of expanding the menu to include barbeque offerings and seating for 50 patrons. His plan includes an outdoor patio and landscaping along Route 202.


The board was supportive of the plan, with Mr. Fon noting that anything on the site would be an improvement.


Before proceeding, the board asked the applicant to provide additional information about how the rear of the property was being used by a landscape company. It also advised the applicant to meet with the building inspector to clarify the existing uses on the property and whether they were conforming. (It appeared that there may not be a prior approved site plan for the parcel.)


Issues to be considered include whether continue to have two access points to Route 202, the location of a propane tank, potential  “smells” emanating from the site, outdoor lighting, and the extent to which the DOT will allow additional landscaping on the strip abutting the road.