Citizens for an Informed Yorktown


Planning Board

February 10, 2014


Attending:  John Kincart, John Savoca, John Flynn, Rich Fon, Ann Kutter


Regular Session


1. Fieldstone Manor

Philip Grealy, the applicant’s traffic consultant, presented the findings of the traffic signal warrant studies for the intersections of Strawberry Road and Foothill and Strawberry Road and Lexington Ave that were done at the request of the Board.  In both cases, the study found that while there were issues at both intersections during peak hours, the traffic counts at both intersections were not high enough over a longer period of time to justify the installation of a traffic light. The studies looked at traffic over both a four hour and eight hour period.  While the Foothill intersection “didn’t come close” in terms of volume, the Lexington Ave intersection was “getting to the point.”  In both cases, the Board agreed with the applicant that the additional traffic from the proposed subdivision would have minimal impact on future traffic volumes.


Both Mr. Grealy and the Board agreed that the only long term solution to the Lexington Ave intersection was the construction of the long dis cussed Route 6 bypass.  It was also noted that the Planning Department had reached out to Cortlandt regarding the status the a proposed subdivision that would provide access to Lexington Ave. for some of the homes.


The Board also reviewed some changes to the EAF that were made in response to comments from the town engineer.


The Board unanimously approved the preliminary subdivision plan.


2. BJ’s Wholesale Propane Facility

In a 4-1 vote, with Mr. Flynn casting the dissenting vote, the Board approved the special permit.


Notwithstanding the recommendations of the Fire Advisory Board in favor of an above ground facility, Mr. Flynn, citing his many years of experience in the chemical industry, said he could not support an above ground facility in a part of the site that served as the driveway for shipping and receiving operations.


3. Staples Plaza – Burger Fi Public Informational Hearing

The Board opened and closed the Public Informational Hearing during which there were no comments from the public.


In response to a question from Ms. Kutter about an earlier version of the plan that called for plantings along the sidewalk abutting the building, Mr. Aiello explained that the landscaping plan changed as part of the improved handicapped access plan. However, he left open the possibility of having smaller potted planters on the sidewalk (as opposed to plantings that also served as stormwater filters). The sidewalk area will accommodate 16 outdoor seating places.


After an additional work session to iron out any remaining details, the application will be set for a public hearing.


4. Kiederer subdivision

The Board approved a first 90 days extension.


Work Session


5. Stormwater project at Police Department

Although the bid specs are ready to be advertised for the project and construction could begin in about two months,  Mr. Verma suggested a slight modification to the approved site plan that would benefit both the stormwater project and the town.  He explained that approximately 3,500 cubic yards of soil would have to be removed to create the planned detention pond., But, rather than trucking out the fill, he suggested that the fill could be used  to level and re-grade the currently unused portion of the site between the existing parking lot and Route 202 to create much needed additional parking. The cost for this additional work would have to be borne by the town as it could not be included in the stormwater project.  It was suggested that the highway department could do much of the additional work.


The Board was very receptive to the idea and asked Mr. Tegeder to prepare a plan for the proposed new parking area so that the town could take advantage of this opportunity. The plan will identify how many additional spots can be created.


If the town proceeds with the idea, the previously approved site plan will have to be amended.


6. Yorktown Farms

The Board reviewed a proposed change in the citing of lot #11.