Citizens for an Informed Yorktown


Planning Board

January 27, 2014


Attending: Ann Kutter, Richard Fon, John Savoaca, John Kincart


Special Session


1. Sierra Bella Subdivision

The Board approved a 90 day extension to allow more time for the required bond to be reviewed and accepted by the town attorney.


Work Session


2. Fieldstone Manor

After going back and forth on which intersection/s, Lexington and Strawberry or Strawberry and Foothill, the applicant should be required to do a warrant study for in order to determine the possible need for a traffic light, the Board decided on the Foothill intersection. Although the general sense was that the study would show that a traffic lilght would not be needed,  Mr. Tegeder noted that the data from the study would be helpful.  It was suggested that Cortlandt be contacted to see what traffic data was available from the proposed subdivision on the other side of  the Lexington/Strawberry intersection. (It was not clear whose responsibility it would be, the town or the applicant’s, to reach out to Cortlandt.)


Mr. Tegeder noted that Strawberry Road was a very heavily traveled road with about 10,000 trips per day.


Ms. Kutter advised the Board that a resident, Babette Ballinger, had suggested to her that a potential use for the fire tower could be an art gallery/painting studio operated by a non profit group.  She said she had advised Ms. Ballinger to get in touch with the applicant. Mr. Tegeder said he would reach out to the Historical Society to see if they had any interest in the tower.


Susan Siegel, the person writing these notes, asked if the Town Board had been consulted regarding the disposition of the vacant land adjacent to the planned tennis courts and whether the parcel should be deeded to the town or remain with the homeowners association with a conservation easement.  Both the applicant and the Planning Board felt that the parcel should be deeded to the town.


Modifications regarding the warrant study will be made to the draft resolution which will be voted on, possibly at the Board’s February 10 meeting.


3. BJs Propane facility

At the suggestion of the applicant, the Board updated some parking numbers in the draft approval resolution which the Board will vote on at its February meeting.


4. Burger Fi at Staples Center

Robert  Aiello, the site engineer, showed the Board a revised site plan that incorporated the changes the Board had suggested at the previous meeting regarding handicapped access.  The Board was pleased with the changes.  Mr. Tegeder , pointing out that parking and access were two critical issues for potential retail tenants, suggested that the stairway leading to the restaurant and future second store be moved to provide better access to the building.  The applicant agreed to rework the stairway location. The application will be set for a Public Information Hearing, either in February of March, depending on whether  the notice of the hearing can be advertised in time for February. 


Note:  Notices for public hearings will now be advertised in the Yorktown News which has been designated as the town’s official newspaper.