Citizens for an Informed Yorktown



Town Board

July 2, 2013


1. Courtesy of the Floor

a. Drainage issue. A Hudsonview homeowner reported that the Highway Department, responding to a water issue in his cul d’sac, installed a catch basin. However, it was the homeowner’s position that the catch basin was not installed in the correct location. Highway Superintendent DiBartolo explained that the catch basin was properly installed in the lowest spot in the cul d’sac and that the town could not extend the piping to private property to catch water coming down the homeowner’s driveway. He advised the homeowner that he could install a pipe from his property to the catch basin. Supervisor Grace said he would visit the location.


b. Water Quality Report. Howard Frank commented on the annual Water Quality Report and asked the Board what the town was doing to reduce its annual water loss, i.e, water that is used but for which there are no billings. He said more information should be gathered on how much water was lost as a result of the 25 water main breaks reported during the year.


c. Foreclosed property. Susan Siegel, the person writing this summary, asked the Board what its plans were for the disposition of the 23 properties, including 5 houses and 18 vacant parcels, the town now owns. She suggested that the Board act as soon as possible to auction off the properties and try to recoup some of the $912,000 the town lost when it wiped out the liens on the 23 parcels.


d. Sports subsidy. Ed Ciffone said that in light of the $50,000 offer from one of the sports clubs to help rehabilitate the field behind the YCCC, the club should return the subsidy it gets from the town each year. 


2. Sustainable Energy Loan Program – Public Hearing

After Supervisor Grace explained the proposed law, Howard Frank asked if any tax exemptions were involved. Supervisor Grace said there were no exemptions and added that the town as guaranteed to get back any money it had to lay out to pay off the loan in the event the property owner failed to pay his taxes.  Paul Moskowitz spoke in favor of the law which he called a win-win.


The Board voted to close the hearing and then, without any additional comment, voted unanimously to adopt the law.


3. Auction of town vehicles

The Board accepted the bids on 31 vehicles and pieces of equipment that were auctioned off  online. The prices ranged from $12.00 for a snowplow to $8,100 for a superliner semi trailer.


4. Bid award

Awarded a bid to Beyer Fleet, LLC, the lowest bidder of the total cumulative bid for police vehicle emergency equipment. (Neither the amount of the award, nbor the amount of the other bids, were included in the approving resolution.)


5. Selected resolutions pass unanimously

a. Tax certiorari. Approved a settlement for Roc-Shrub Oak Associates for the years 2004-2012. (Neither the street location of the property or the amount to be refunded was included in the approving resolution.)


b. Temporary Certificate of Occupancy. Authorized the building inspector to issue a TCO for Best Plumbing at Crompond Crossing.


c. Release  retainage for National Metering Services. After Councilman Paganelli explained that the  $20,441 retainage dealt with the installation of the new water meters and had nothing to do with the defective meters, Supervisor Grace had no issue voting for the resolution.


Note: Future meeting schedule

July 9:   A previously unscheduled work session, to start at 6:30pm. 

July 16: outdoor meeting at Hilltop Hanover Farm, to start at 6:30pm.